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Jun 1, 2006 11:58 AM


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A week ago my daughter and son-in-law celebrated their anniversary at Laboratorio del Galileo in DC. Being a Chowhound, I of course, received a detailed description of their entire meal. They had a wonderful experience and I'm sure an anniversary they shall never forget.

I, being a gray-hair, turned even grayer when they told me the cost of the dinner! Yesterday while perusing the Chowhound boards I came across a discussion on tipping which centered around an $800 dinner at Alinea in Chicago.

Since I am a etiree and don't eat out nearly as often as I once did, these two incidents got me to thinking about the most expensive restaurants in the country. So, my question is, where are the most expesive restauants and what are the average costs in these establishments? I think wine costs should be left out of the discussion since one or two bottles of good wine can considerably run up the tab.

Dinner for two, sans wine. Where are they?

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  1. The French Laundry is about $200 san wine. But that's nothing compared to some of the most expensive restaurants in Tokyo and Hong Kong. You can easily get into the 4 figures terrority.

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    1. re: Peter
      Frosty Melon

      According to their website, it is $210, sans wine, with service included.

      1. re: Frosty Melon

        Same for its sister restaurant in NYC, per se.

      2. re: Peter

        What's the going rate for a man3 han4 quan2 xi2 (Manchu & Han Complete Banquet) these days? I was under the impression that for a proper version, it's in the 5 figures for food only, but not absolutely sure if that is for the whole table or individual.

        1. re: Limster

          Some of that cost is because of the expensive ingredients. The "8 mountain treasures" course features bear paws and tiger kidneys. I dont know if these are offered because the taste is exquisite, because of presumed medicinal value, or in order to impress the guests, much as a modern day American mogul might dazzle his dinner guests with buckets of caviar.

        2. re: Peter
          Melanie Wong

          Absolutely. At the top restaurants in Asia, one course per person can be well over $100 each. If you order 10 or 20 courses in that range, it gets to be pretty pricey.

        3. Urasawa is in Los Angeles is $250 per person sans wine, tax and tip. Best meal I ever had!

          1. From their website. Alain Ducasse in NYC. Aquatic flavors Menu - 280 $

            1. Masa, a four-star Japanese restaurant in Manhattan, is $350 per person, sans liquor, tax or tip. The $800 meal at Alinea would include all that, I think.

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                I recently read somewhere that Masa is the most expensive restaurant in NYC, starting at $350 per person. There are extra menu (food items) bells and whistles you can opt for with an additional "suppliment" charge.

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                Seth Chadwick

                Mary Elaine's at the Phoenician Resort in Phoenix has a prix fixe menu set at $500.00 per person sans wine, tax or tip.

                They also have an $87.50 and $125.00 prix fixe menus, but what's $400 between friends. :o)