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May 25, 2006 02:56 PM

Grace Vineyard wines from China [moved from Not About Food]

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Desparately seeking. I've sent them an email but no response. Checked all the local (L.A.) possibilities but they've never even heard of it. Does anyone know if Grace Vineyard wines have been imported to anywhere in Calif yet? There was an NPR segment early this year where they said it would be coming to CA this year. Thanks.

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  1. Since they don't list a US distributor on their website, it is doubtful.

    Why don't you try one of the other distributors. Singapore and Switzerland both have e-contacts and are likely to speak English. If you are 'desperate' enough to pay the tariff, they can ship it to you.


    1. We distribute the wines in the UK, and I also used to live in California about 12 years ago- was in IT industry then though.

      Will be meeting Grace in a few days in Hong Kong.

      Do you want to distribute or just buy a few cases.

      Colin Winter

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        Colin, do you have an update on distribution in the States? Heard from another source that production is insufficent to supply current domestic demand and export markets in Europe, making the US a low priority.

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          A friend of mine was in Asia and brought back a few bottles for me. I still have yet to try them. Not ready to buy cases since I haven't tried them. But still would like to know about distribution in U.S., particularly California.

        2. Last week I had a chance to try the 2004 Grace Vineyard Chairman's Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon Shanxi Province as part of a presentation on the wine market outlook in Asia. This producer is Hong Kong-owned, has cult wine aspirations, and is considered the finest producer in China. It's my understanding that this is not the top-of-the-line bottling from Grace.

          It had medium ruby semi-opaque color, medium-light body, and modest extraction. The restrained red fruit aromas and flavors were marked by an ashy/stony, almost Northern Rhone-like minerality and some bitter herbs. Tannins were a bit chalky, accentuated by the medium-high acidity, and carried medium long on the palate. The aftertaste was slightly bitter and green.