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May 7, 2006 11:55 AM

Does anyone belong to the Cooking Club of America?

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I got a mailing Friday for the Cooking Club of America. You pay $1 a month and in return receive cooking products, equipment, and cookbooks, test the products out, return an evaluation form, and get to keep the products. You also get a subscription to "Cooking Pleasures" magazine. So... what's the catch?

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  1. m
    Morton the Mousse

    Mrs. Mousse got suckered into that one a while back. The catch is that the "cooking equipment" is cheap and worthless and you get one or two things a year. Last year we got a bookmark to "product test." The magazine is also worthless. So even though the membership fee is cheap it's still a rip-off. Your $12 would be much better spent on a good lunch.

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    1. re: Morton the Mousse

      I fell for it too - on a co-workers advice. Don't do it. A pointless exercise at best.

      1. re: bryan

        Okay, thanks guys! I'm glad my suspicions were on point!

    2. Here's the catch: every month or so (although it feels like every week!) you receive a cookbook in the mail. The first one seems reasonably priced...and clearly written and beautifully illustrated...but then you get another and another and another and another and they are almost $30 each and you have to pay for them or return them in 10 days or so. They are too big to go into the mailbox at the post office, so unless you have a huge mailbox at home you have to take them inside the post office to send them back. That's the catch. Ooooo...what a pain...and I hardly ever even use cookbooks!

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      1. re: LT from LF

        Thank goodness I posted!! I HATE going to the post office!!

        1. re: LT from LF

          The Cooking Club of America has never sent me a cookbook - just a magazine. The products they have sent me for "testing" have been less than useless, like the bookmark someone else mentioned. I don't know who the folks are who get the pots, pans, small electronics - all the good stuff.

          But regarding cookbooks, are you sure you're not describing The Good Cook? It's a mail-order cookbook club. After enrolling and selecting 4 books for a buck, they send a monthly order form, with one or two books selected as books of the month. The books of the month are automatically sent to you *only* if you haven't responded to their mailing by a designated date, either through their website, on the phone or by mailing the postcard back.

          1. re: Deenso

            Nope, I'm definitely talking about the Cooking Club of America. I actually got a couple of good products to test (stainless steel measuring cups and spoons--I can always use more of those), but the inundation of cookbooks is really getting me down. I think I will write to them tomorrow and suspend/cancel my membership.

            1. re: LT from LF

              Just call their customer service number, (888) 850-8202. Be prepared for a L-O-O-O-O-N-G wait on hold. I used skype out, so it didn't matter. Be firm, tell them that their BS about taking so many days for it to go through the system is not true. Or if the CSR says 'you might get one more invoice.' tell them that you are cancelling today, mention the date, and make it clear that you will submit ANY further invoices as fraudulent, and will report them to the Post Office, and anything they might send you after your cancellation date, TODAY will be considered a gift. Insist that your account number be deleted from their system as part of your cancellation. If they subscribe to the Direct Marketing association, they are required to remove your address from their mailing lists.

              This method worked for me this morning. They have 'Offline' (404) pages on every one of their website links, but the CS phone number is (888) 850-8202

              I got the first year for $12.00, this year's invoice was for $15.00. In the last year I have received TWO of the magazines, no free anything, and certainly no cookbooks.

              These people are crooks through and through. Don't worry about hurting the CSR's feelings, she works for a company that she HAS to know are gonifs.