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Apr 20, 2006 01:36 PM

Office birthday treats

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I work in an organization of 100, in a department of 11. After years of each person at the organization getting a cake on their birthday (expensed), the hammer as come down, no more cakes.

But my department doesn't want to miss out on their birthday goodies - so we decided we'd bring our own treats when it's our birthday. - like you might have done in elementary school - like brought your own cupcakes for the class.

Last year on my birthday I did an ice cream sundae bar. Some people have brought: cakes (store bought), pies (store bought) strawberry shortcake (homemade), candy apples (store bought), chips and salsa. So I'm looking for new ideas. It doesn't have to be something sweet, it can be savory - it can be anytime of the day appropriate. Some ideas for this year thus far have been milk and cookies or veggies and dips.

I wasn't sure where to post this Home Cooking vs.. Not About Food, because I don't really want to have to cook something, especially if it needs to be reheated at work or for that matter, bake at all. Just looking for ideas of easy treats that aren't too expensive.

I made quiche one year and it just doesn't reheat well in the microwave.

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  1. do an assortment of breakfast breads: banana nut loaf; apple cinammon crumb; lemon poppy. They will be easy to bring in, slap them on a tray with knives. Maybe offer a flavored butter, marmalade, or jam.

    People can have them all day.

    1. I would say breakfast food, bagels crm chees, Donuts and Coffee (Dunkin Donuts coffee is always appreciated) at my work.

      1. My office has a lot of carb watchers and non carb watchers. When it is my birthday and time to bring something in I try to please both camps. Our's is a mornng meeting and I have baked up a big egg casserole of migas This I prepare all of the ingredients the night before and assemble before showering and bake in a Le Creuset bakek which holds the heat. My office is only 5 mins. from my house so it is hot and ready at 9:00 AM. I have also made fritattas which are delicious at room temperature. Then for the sugar eaters I will either make that chocolate pound cake that I have posted about before because it and the Guinness Cake cand be made a day or two ahead and keep really well.

        I started doing the egg thing when one year my birthday was coming up and I polled some people about what they would like to have me bring and was told that they were all tired of all of the sweet stuff. Make us a breakfast casserole. It is always eaten greatfully so I continue.

        1. i've done different types of baos and they go over really well- if you have a good asian bakery around you open in the morning so you can get them hot and fresh

          1. Hi Spongebob, Sorry, but since you don't want to cook, but do want to bring prepared food, this should be reposted on General Topics. It IS about food, but not cooking. Thanks!