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Apr 18, 2006 06:28 PM

TV Cooking shows other than Food Network's

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Just discoverred Andrea Immer's Wine Pairings show on the Fine Living Channel; I enjoyed the recipes and wine suggestions.

Are there any other cooking shows that Chowhounds recommend?

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  1. You can learn a lot from Lidia :+}

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    1. re: Fleur

      Thanks for all your recommendations.

      I'm trying to chart the times of the Travel Channel, Fine Living, and Discovery Home Channel cooking shows. Unfortunately, the shows on those channels are erratically scheduled.

      Also, will look into Adelphia TV's equivalent of TIVO for the Saturday PBS shows!

      1. If you are in the SF bay area, there's a great little 10 minute show tacked on to the end of Jeeves & Wooster on PBS. It's called Posh Nosh from BBC but doesn't show up separately on the schedule, it's used as a filler to bring the show up to an hour. Usually only one recipe per segment but you've never seen anything like it.

        You can also see clips on the BBC website.

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          How true! I love Posh Nosh . . .

          1. re: zin1953

            Posh Nosh always has me in stitches. Bet you'd never imagined Richard E Grant like that, huh? Truly inspired.

        2. theres one on the Travel Channel (i think) called "Epicurious" -- i don't like the host, but they've had really great guests. i do recommend it.

          1. I find some of the Public Stations (PBS, LIW) have some great shows from Lidia, Julia & Jacques and other great golden oldies...still classics with unbelievable technique helpers.

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              The problem with the PBS cooking shows has been a steady decline in cooking technique content that has been displaced by lifestyle and ads (oops, sponsorship spots). I've clocked some shows under 20 minutes, and only half of that real content. The gardening and home improvement shoes have gone completely lifestyle. All aiming at BoBos.

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                It also depends on your location... I live in Kansas City, and we hardly get any cooking shows at all on PBS. It sucks!

              2. NapaStyle on Fine Living. It's Michael Chiarello's show. Good recipes and ideas for entertaining.

                For awhile I watched Chef at Home on the Discovery Home Channel. Sweet guy with a wife and young son, cooking "without a recipe" showing how to let ingredients inspire creativity in the kitchen. Simple recipes.

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                1. re: wyf4lyf

                  I love Chef at Home as well.

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                    fai jay (fai jackson)

                    Chef at home is Michael Smith whose restaurant is/was considered one of the best in Canada. He lives in beautiful Prince Edward Island. His restaurant was? (I am not sure if it is still open I'll check the Canada board) very high end with many complaints of being too pricy. He has cooked at the James Beard House and made dinner parties for the Consul General of Canada, in New York. He claims to be the tallest chef, at around 7 feet.