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TV Cooking shows other than Food Network's

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Just discoverred Andrea Immer's Wine Pairings show on the Fine Living Channel; I enjoyed the recipes and wine suggestions.

Are there any other cooking shows that Chowhounds recommend?

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  1. You can learn a lot from Lidia :+}

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      Thanks for all your recommendations.

      I'm trying to chart the times of the Travel Channel, Fine Living, and Discovery Home Channel cooking shows. Unfortunately, the shows on those channels are erratically scheduled.

      Also, will look into Adelphia TV's equivalent of TIVO for the Saturday PBS shows!

      1. If you are in the SF bay area, there's a great little 10 minute show tacked on to the end of Jeeves & Wooster on PBS. It's called Posh Nosh from BBC but doesn't show up separately on the schedule, it's used as a filler to bring the show up to an hour. Usually only one recipe per segment but you've never seen anything like it.

        You can also see clips on the BBC website.

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          How true! I love Posh Nosh . . .

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            Posh Nosh always has me in stitches. Bet you'd never imagined Richard E Grant like that, huh? Truly inspired.

        2. theres one on the Travel Channel (i think) called "Epicurious" -- i don't like the host, but they've had really great guests. i do recommend it.

          1. I find some of the Public Stations (PBS, LIW) have some great shows from Lidia, Julia & Jacques and other great golden oldies...still classics with unbelievable technique helpers.

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              The problem with the PBS cooking shows has been a steady decline in cooking technique content that has been displaced by lifestyle and ads (oops, sponsorship spots). I've clocked some shows under 20 minutes, and only half of that real content. The gardening and home improvement shoes have gone completely lifestyle. All aiming at BoBos.

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                It also depends on your location... I live in Kansas City, and we hardly get any cooking shows at all on PBS. It sucks!

              2. NapaStyle on Fine Living. It's Michael Chiarello's show. Good recipes and ideas for entertaining.

                For awhile I watched Chef at Home on the Discovery Home Channel. Sweet guy with a wife and young son, cooking "without a recipe" showing how to let ingredients inspire creativity in the kitchen. Simple recipes.

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                  I love Chef at Home as well.

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                    fai jay (fai jackson)

                    Chef at home is Michael Smith whose restaurant is/was considered one of the best in Canada. He lives in beautiful Prince Edward Island. His restaurant was? (I am not sure if it is still open I'll check the Canada board) very high end with many complaints of being too pricy. He has cooked at the James Beard House and made dinner parties for the Consul General of Canada, in New York. He claims to be the tallest chef, at around 7 feet.

                  2. I just put any cooking shows that play on my local PBS on my Tivo.

                    Everyday Food, Pepin and BBQ U are some that I like.

                    Also America's Test Kitchen and Coastal Cooking.

                    1. I'm with those who mentioned the PBS/LIR shows: America's Test Kitchen, Lidia, Daisy Cooks, Colamenco, Pepin and Everyday Food. These shows are way superior than anything currently on the Food Network--less gimmicky, less puffery, and even though chefts such as Pepin and and Lidia are famous, you never forget that the food, not the chefs, are the stars here. On Fine Living: Ming's Quest and Napa Style. On Discover Home: License to Grill, Cooking in Brooklyn, Chef at Home, and Rosemary: Queen of the Kitchen. All interesting and diverse shows, and diversity is something sorely lacking on the Food Network!

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                        I love cookin' in brooklyn. :-)

                        1. re: Davina

                          Oh, man. I could write a book about the multi-level amazingness of that show.

                          But that's another thread. ;)

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                            Can't watch it. I live in Brooklyn and know the guy, also considered a restaurant czar in the neighborhood. He's such and a$#$%

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                            Me too, but they are all re-runs.

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                            Just two hours of PBS cooking shows are more valuable than a whole month of programming on Food Network. I'm especially fond of Pepin and Bayless' shows.

                          4. I've been recording the Floyd shows running on the Travel Channel, Floyd on France, Floyd on Tuscany etc. they are tremendously entertaining.

                            On our local public channel Nick Stellino and Bittman takes on celebrity chefs (not sure of the title) can be terrific depending on the guest chef.

                            PBS for Lidia and Test Kitchen if they happen to be covering a gadget I'm interested in. Also Scandinavian Cooking.

                            Food Network, unfortunately, has nothing but dreck these days!

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                              I agree with your comment on the Food Network. I posted something on this not so long ago, but my posting was deleted probably because it was too much of a rant. A few people have mentioned that the daytime shows on the Food Network are much better than the evening shows...I wouldn't know since I'm not around to watch. It's amazing how this network has no Asian, Spanish, etc., etc. cooking shows. It's very, very vanilla. But it does deserve credit for introducing the cult of food to many and for bringing the concept of celebrity chefts to a new level (although I really don't know if the last part is a good thing).

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                                I used to love watching Keith Floyd too. It was entertaining watch him overloaded with wine while cooking. He was like a drunken uncle coming over and taking your kitchen hostage! I don't know if it's a general trait, but many men I know, insist on cooking when they get drunk.

                                New Scandinavian cooking with Tina something is very entertaining too and very simple! Never was a fan of Lidia. Absolutely loved Michael Chiarello's Napa cooking show. I think I saw him somewhere on cable, while flipping thru the channels - didn't notice which.

                                I remember when I was in grad school in England late 90s, all their broadcast shows had lots of cooking shows. Very entertaining, some would be just incorporated into talk shows. Now that I typed it, I think I watched Floyd there.

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                                  New Scandanavian Cooking is my favorite cooking show. It used to be hosted by Andreas Viestad but now Tina Nordstrom hosts it. They are both really good but different.

                                  There's a BBC cooking show by Gary Rhodes which is very good (and actually makes me think British food can be appealing). Unfortunately I don't think BBC America has signed him on yet.

                              2. Lidia Bastiannich ("Lidia's Kitchen") on PBS is wonderful. She's Mario Batali's mentor. Her Italian home-cooking lessons are better than any Italian cooking you'll see on Food Network. No showboating, just down to earth authenticity.

                                "America's Test Kitchen" PBS. I love their concept. America's Test Kitchen is this quasi-scientific institution devoted to experimenting with recipes in every which way they can until they determine what they feel are the absolute best methods and ingredients for each. But it's a cooking show, so you'll see them demonstrating their pet recipes and methods. What I love about it is that I'm always doing the same thing myself. I just can't stop myself from thinking, "Well, I bet it would be so much better if I did this or that slightly differently. I wonder what would happen..."

                                Then, of course, keep your eye out for Julia Child shows which appear periodically on PBS and which are not to be missed.

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                                  I dont think that Lidia Bastiannich is Mario Batali's mentor, as they have totally different cooking styles. Batali has a financial relationship with Joe Bastiannich. I do agree, however that her show is educational and entertaining and filled with great recipes.

                                  Link: http://www.muckraked.com

                                2. I enjoy two shows we get on PBS on Saturdays- Cooking with Ming Tsai and the show with Michael Chiarello ( of Napa Style).

                                  1. f
                                    fai jay (fai jackson)

                                    I think it is time for a real food network. The chowhound network would be greaaat. I can no longer abide The Food Network. Hardly anyone except the British Chefs have any technique or interesting recipes. I TIVO PBS on Saturdays when the cooking shows are on. Jacques Pepin always teaches me at least one thing --his technique is impeccable and his ideas for presentation and recipes can be inspiring. Lidia is also very good, as is the test kitchen. I would love a network based on what we discuss here at Chowhound.

                                    1. i like great chefs of the world on the discovery channel. i've been watching it for about 10 years now...

                                      1. I like to rent the French Chef with Julia Child on DVD from Netflix. You might be able to get it at your local library or video store. The episode with the huge fish head is classic.

                                        1. You can get whole episodes of Julia w/Master Chefs on PBS on the 'net. I attach the link. It's great. You can watch segments or the entire program.

                                          Link: http://www.pbs.org/juliachild/default...

                                          1. I catch Daisy Cooks on PBS from time to time. She is delightful, and the food is too.
                                            I also like Lidia on PBS, who is a fine cook.

                                            1. I like all the PBS shows, but it never seems that they have too many episodes and I find that there's a lot of re-runs.

                                              I love Kylie Kwong who is an Chinese Australian chef. I believe her show is on the Discover channel.

                                              Also, I can't believe no one's mentioned Martha's kitchen. Depending on who her guest chef is, it can be pretty informative.

                                              1. PBS,WLIW Long Island NY has 2 stations....WLIW AND WLIW create...Create offers many cooking shows...Lydia,Bayless,Pepin,Capril @ John,Ming,Bittman,and many more...

                                                1. Rick Bayless: Mexican Plate? Kitchen?

                                                  Whatever it's called. It's informative and well presented.

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                                                    Bayless' show is "Mexico: One Plate at a Time"

                                                  2. I grew up watching Julia Child and Graham Kerr and then Jeff Smith. The cooking show that affected me most was "Great Chefs" series on the Discovery channel.

                                                    Lidia Bastianich is my current favorite, but ATK is also worth the time to TIVO. I miss Jacques Pepin and Rick Bayless, as the Cleveland PBS affiliate doesn't carry them.

                                                    1. Kylie Kwong is always an entertaining show,
                                                      MIcheal Smith's Chef at Large is good too, but really rerun to death.

                                                      1. Does anyone remember the Swedish lady who cooked salmon in her dishwasher? She had the accent and was very pragmatic..and she was funny in a Julia Child sort of way. It was probably on PBS maybe 10 years ago?? Ursala maybe?

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                                                          Woah! I've never heard of that! Kinda neat I suppose, but I'd be afraid of getting salmon bits all over my forks and drinking glasses ;-P

                                                        2. I like these PBS cooking shows
                                                          America's Test Kitchen
                                                          Caprial and John's Kitchen and
                                                          Joanne Weir

                                                          1. Lidia is my hands-down favorite, for her recipes, techniques (easy to do at home) and personality. I also like America's Test Kitchen, and I trust many of their recommendations and recipes.

                                                            1. Actually for "off the grid" Food Network programming, I've discovered "Into The Fire", which runs about once a week at 2am. It's 30 minutes of following a busy restaurant on a typical day, from front of the house to the kitchen. Good stuff.

                                                              Its an old show and I wish there were more of them....

                                                              1. I still watch Baking With Julia re-runs. They're all good.

                                                                Ditto for Jacques, though both tend to be on in the middle of the weekend, when I'm not around.

                                                                ATK I watch sometimes, though the host annoys me.

                                                                Coastal Cooking, or whatever the name of John Shield's show is, is ok.

                                                                I watch Martha whenever I find her cooking, which isn't often (unless the Style Network runs some old MS Living programs), and the PBS one she produces (but isn't in) is good too.