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Mar 5, 2006 05:19 PM

Valet tipping question

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This may seem like a strange question, but how much $$ should you tip for restaurant valet parking? Do you tip on the way in to the restaurant or on the way out?

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  1. $1-2 each way.

    1. Depends on the car you drive. $1 or $2 when you get your car, if you drive a camry. If you drive a Ferrari, the sky is the limit.

      1. I usually give the guy $5 when he brings my car.

        1. $2.00 on the way out.

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            Das Ubergeek

            A buck or two on the way out... things that contribute to my waffling on the amount include things like length of time to wait for my car to be brought round. (I never tip at the Burbank airport, for example, because it always takes at least 30 minutes from the time I call to the time my car is brought round, but I tip heavily at the valet for Max in Sherman Oaks because they're practically psychic.)

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              A nice touch is if the restaurant asks for your valet ticket during the check-paying so that your car is waiting when you step out. Only place that's ever happened to us in LA was at Sona.

              p.s. you're so right about Burbank airport, people behind you in line get their cars first, inexplicable waits, the epitome of inefficiency in the valet trade