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Thermal-like Coffee Holder/Mug for Work [Moved from Not About Food]

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I have been on the hunt for the perfect coffee "mug" or holder that will: a) keep my coffee warm throughout the morning; b) does not spill out of the lid when I drink from it.

I have looked at the Nissan and Thermos mugs that go for almost $30, but I would like to know if these are worth the money. Any other recommendations?

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  1. The Nissan mugs are worth every penny. They are the only ones, in my opinion, that meet your criteria.

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    1. re: Pappy

      Thanks - is there a particular Nissan model you recommend?

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      Michele Cindy

      The target mugs do not keep anything really hot. I'd like a good one as well!

      1. most of the thermal mugs suck: they either leak or don't keep heat well. If they do keep heat well, either your burn your lips at the metal brim, or since you can't see well inside you can't see how much fluid is getting out so you end up like putting half of the content in your mouth and burn your mouth too!

        Most of them leave unpleasant metal or plastic taste, especially if you drink tea.

        I want to get those little USB mug warmers that you plug-in to your PCs - I saw it on Xmas gift section in the Times.

        1. Get the Migo stainless steel.

          At Target for $14.00.

          It's #1 in my book, and I have tried them all.

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          1. re: ODB

            While beautifully engineered and great fun to look at, the *plastic* Migo
            mugs have the thermal characteristics of a dixie cup. I haven't tried the
            stainless mugs, but if it's function you're looking for, stay away from
            the plastic ones.

            1. re: Jef

              Agree. They just felt cheap.

              1. re: ODB

                I don't think we're agreeing. The *plastic* migo mugs are, as far as I've
                been able to find, the best of the plastics. Good, solid, a lid that stays on
                when the mug falls off the table, and a really nice closing mechanism.

                Mine fell off the roof of my car (oops) at 30mph and keeps on ticking.

                The one place where they fail is in keeping things warm or cold for long
                periods. But I don't think they're designed with that purpose anyway.
                Takes a few dishwashings before the plastic taste goes away, too.

                1. re: Jef

                  The big question is, does it taste like plastic?

            2. re: ODB
              Michele Cindy

              That's the one I have and ours does not keep drinks hot longer then the avg. mug.

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                Is there really such a thing as a "mug" that keeps things warm all morning, and does not spill, as asked in the initial post?

                "" have been on the hunt for the perfect coffee "mug" or holder that will: a) keep my coffee warm throughout the morning; b) does not spill out of the lid when I drink from it.""

                In my neck of the woods, we calls those things a "thermos", not a "mug".

                1. re: ODB

                  Yes - I think the Nissan and Thermos brands try to do that. They incorporate a thermos in the transportable mug that you can actually drink from.

            3. If you're going to spend money, why not spend a lot and get
              a nice lab-grade dewar flask? Some of these have a 4-day holding
              time ... :)

              Link: http://www.finemech.com/kgw_isotherm/...

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                I have no brand name but two years ago I bought a copper colored metal coffee mug with a black rubber style handle at Maid of the Mist Gift Shop , Niagara Falls – United States side. On the side of the mug is written, “Maid of the Mist” / “Niagara Falls” / and “Since 1846.” There is a artful picture of the boat. The only other printing is on the bottom, “18-8 Stainless Steel China.” Thus no name brand. The inside of the mug is a very shinny stainless steel and it forms a rim at the top. This mug is the best thermal mug I have ever had. I slowly drink hot coffee myself and it keeps my coffee hot until I am finished. I drink ice cold water more often and actually fill it at night and leave it next to my bed. Four hours later the ice is still there and the water is ice cold. It might work even better if I were to put the lid on. In the car with the lid on I have never had a mishap. I have never seen this mug in other stores. I like it so much that last year when we just so happen to return to Niagara Falls with my in-laws I bought five more. They come in two shapes – tall and narrow or Short and wide. I hope someone can respond with the knowledge of a brand name because I would like to buy some without the artwork just to give as gifts.

                1. I have 2 Nissan (pre-Thermos) coffee mugs, a military camoflage 1-litre Nissan 'thermos' that was a gift, and a Nissan Thermos coffee flask that came with a drip-filter that is also 1-litre size. I used to drive about 140 miles one way to work and my coffee was still scorching hot in mugs or the camo thermos! As far as which mug is best, they all seem to work well, get the one that fits your cars cupholder best.

                  1. I have a Nissan Thermos as well and love it (link below, though I know nothing about this retailer). What I particularly like about mine is that i can fill it up before i go to work, throw it into my purse and it won't leak and will be still super hot (I have burned my tongue, you have to be careful) when i open it an hour later. It really maintains heat or cold! If I was driving to work I might prefer more of a mug shape design, but for the subway I really want it not to leak--ever.

                    Link: http://www.coffee-makers-espresso-mac...

                    1. I got a Trudeau mug at Crate & Barrel and it's pretty good, keeps things warm for several hours. Apparently it won a Wall Street Journal award for best car mug in '02.

                      Link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000...

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                        I bought a Trudeau insulated 24oz. carrier for coffee. It is a pretty nice container but keeps the coffee warm for 2-3 hours.

                        Recently, my employer gave me a new Thermos brand container and it holds the coffee very hot for 4-6 hours.

                        The Trudeau LOOKS nicer but does not keep coffee as warm.

                      2. Anyone know where to get one of those Nissan mugs in NYC? (Manhattan, preferrably) Thanks!

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                        1. re: cowgirly

                          Zabar's, Gracious Home both have them.

                        2. I love my Tuff Mug from Zojiroshi. About $20 from Amazon. I trust the seal enough to toss into my handbag--it never leaks and keeps drinks hot and cold for a long time. Mostly I use it for iced coffee and even when left open all day on my desk, the ice cubes will last all day. The only thing is that it's smaller than most other mugs. Fine for a small iced coffee though. You also have to open the top completely to drink out of it, so maybe not a mug per se for driving and drinking, but good for when you're at work.

                          1. My husband is fanatic about his insulated coffee "mugs". We've gone through all of the options including Nissan and Thermos.

                            What he likes above all of them is Contigo mugs that I get for $20 for a blister pack of 2 at Costco. I also recently saw one in the coffee bar at Barnes and Noble but it was $20 for a single mug and only available in pink.

                            The reason he particularly likes Contigo is that it keeps the drinks hot longer and the seal is very secure both at the screw-on connection between the body and the top and on the top opening for drinking. I like the fact that it doesn't have a handle so anyway the top goes on is "correct". In handled mugs the seal seems to change and you find yourself screwing it on tighter until the opening for drinking is no longer oriented to the handle. It's tall and slim so it fits in all the cup holders we've ever had to secure it in.

                            They say that handwashing is recommended. I got tired of that and started popping them in the dishwasher. After dozens of washings I haven't seen any difference at all.

                            1. I have had dozens over the years, but the Startbuck's mug with the screw-on top and metal lining are the best. It can keep my coffee hot for hours in the morning, and it does not leak. Beware the other types. I personally hate the ones that require you twist the top open in order to drink, because they usually end up loosening the top completely after a few turns to drink. Mine has a snap on cover to the sipping hole that flips back when you want to drink, and then snaps back in place. Other than the fact that only the lid can be put in the dishwasher, it is the perfect mug. I think I paid no more than $20 for it, and you won't have to travel very far to get one. Just look carefully at the liner and make sure it is the metal liner, because the plastic liner types, which sell for the same price, don't hold heat for a long time. The access to drink is up to you, but the snap on seems less likely to loosen the screw on top after a few turns.