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Computer programs for organizing recipes

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Does any one have a program they like? I'm looking for a simple one that lets me write the recipes I cut and paste from internet sources in a uniform manner, i. e., title across the top, ingredients in columns, then instructions across the bottom. I may want to print them on card files and I also need a way to classify them. Google lists a number of programs but some of them seem to have more features than I need. I have good recipe sources so I don't need one with a cookbook. Thanks

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    Wayne Keyser

    Mastercook has always served me very well.

    1. Cook's Palate. They have a web site.

      1. I've been using a Masterchef/Cooking Light program for a long time. It's very easy to organize and I copy things from the web all the time in a simple way.

        1. MasterCook8 is the only one I've ever used which has been great for me. I've never used any others so I can't compare it to anything.

          1. I have been using AccuChef and find it quite good.

            Here is the link: http://www.accuchef.com/

            1. I've been using MasterCook since it was MasterCook 2. I now use MasterCook 9.0 and really like it. I especially like the Web Import Bar that sits on your toolbar (Microsoft IE only) and allows you to import Internet recipes into MasterCook by simply highlighting and clicking.

                1. I'm using Master Cook 9, and it's got some good features, but it is buggy (I design and test software for a living, so take that with a grain of salt - I'm paid to design user flow and then break software). I don't find it terribly user-friendly - there are a lot of things that should be right-click options that aren't, and things that really don't work the way I'd like them to, but overall, I find it pretty useful for organizing my tried and trues and also giving me a place to store things I want to try so I don't forget about them.