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What name would you choose for a Japanese restaurant?

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I have a friend in the Philippines who is opening a Japanese restaurant. He has asked me for suggestions for names. I love names like Wagamama and Oyaji.

Curious what creative chowhounds would come up with?

If your name is selected, imagine he would give you a free meal next time you are in Cebu.

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  1. Is this one of those "catch-all" Japanese places that offers a variety of foods, or do they have a focus on sushi, seafood, noodles or something?

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      Thanks for the replies.

      He is still putting the concept together, but I think it will have both kaiten zushi and table seating for non-sushi. There is one other kaiten zushi in Manila and it seems to be very popular.


    2. Saw one the other day that might have possibilities. "Pick Up Sticks".

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        there is a chain already named that, horrid food, not the kind you'd want your resto associated with.

      2. Umamibasho



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          There was a noodle place where I lived in CA called the "Hong Kee Noodle House." It always made us giggle because we could only hear "Honkey" when we said the name. :) So be careful...and choose wisely. :)

        2. I'm pretty sure "Wagamama" is a big chain in the UK...

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            I think she was just referencing that as a type of name she likes.

          2. Maiyuu!


            Tonde, Tonde, Tonde

            The rest of my ideas get worse. I'm coveting my best ones for when I open my own dream izakaya.

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              Maiyu - nice, or how about "Debuya"?

              Tell me when you open your Izakaya. I want to be your shochu sommelier.

            2. Ichigee has a ring to it..

              1. Always thought a good name for a kosher-sushi bar would be: Sosumi.

                1. Umami (the fifth and mysterious taste)

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                    That's EXACTLY what I was thinking. Are there alot of Japanese restaurants outside of Japan w/ this name? It seems like such a natural.

                    1. re: CH Addict

                      Ahh, this thread is too tempting.

                      "Umami Wears Army Shoes!"
                      "Not Umami's Sushi"
                      "Who's Umami?"

                      Link: http://eatingchinese.org

                      1. re: Gary Soup

                        Lol! "Umami's so fat..." "Umami's so stupid..."

                        But seriously, are there restaurants with this name?

                  2. Byoki Desu



                    1. My friend says he is thinking about names like:

                      " OLD MOON "

                      " POND VIEWING KEN "- because the restaurant is going to be located along the lagoon

                      " OLD FISHERMEN KEN "

                      Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear...

                      1. Japaneats.