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Jan 31, 2006 02:08 PM

Cook's Illustrated Website

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Anyone else having problems getting on? Yesterday it was down due to software upgrades. Today I'm just getting the "page could not be displayed" message.

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    ChowFun (derek)

    I cannot access the site (or its' sister-site Americas Test Kitchen) today..nice to know it is not MY problem!!!

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    1. re: ChowFun (derek)

      I called Cooks Illustrated on Tues. They said they were still upgrading the server and it would be back Tues nite. As of Weds 12 noon PST, it is still down. I think they had a problem upgrading their servers. Uh Oh!

      1. re: CI Fan

        still down at 8:30am est on thursday. Kind of annoyed that I didn't print out the recipes I wanted for a Sunday party when I found them.

        1. re: elyn

          Its getting better, as of 9pm PST, you got a Forbidden page message. That means the servers are at least ON!!!

          1. re: elyn

            Oh! I just called them, and they're more than happy to give you any help they can with recipes over the phone. So good luck! 617-232-1000

            Let me know if they could help you out!!!

      2. Having the same problem too. America's Test Kitchen is also down.

        1. Oh good. I was worried it was my firewall at work. I was even having problems as far back as Sunday. The damn thing just would not let me log on...

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          1. re: ryan

            yup, I still got nothing. Pleae let me know if and when you can log on! TIA

          2. I love Chris Kimball and the test kitchen but they have got to have the sloppiest bunch of publishers and now, techs in the business! I quite "Cook's" becuase they could not get it to me on time each month. I started the website a week ago and now they can't even keep a website up???

            Kook's Illustrated... YOU *$#&$#* STINK!!!!!

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            1. re: Vince F
              Vincent J. Filippelli

              Here's the phone number to nag them about getting the service your paying for:

              They may have a message about when the site will be back up today (02/02/2006 - 2:52pm EST)

            2. First, thanks for being the only place where I could find confirmation that the website was actually down, and it wasn't just my problem.

              I finally got through to someone there and got the following explanation:

              Last weekend, a file was deleted in the back office portion of our website. Since we retain personal information on our members and registrants, we decided to immediately close the site down. We have engaged an internet security firm to investigate exactly what happened and why. At this time, however, we have no information to suggest that any personal data was compromised.

              We expect the site to be back up within a few days but security is, of course, our first concern. Within 24 hours, our website address will direct you to a page with the latest information.

              We apologize for the interruption but we know that you would want us to place security above convenience. Thanks for your patience.

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              1. re: DL

                I got the same spiel. Additionaly the operator said she could request that my subscription be extended. As of right now (2/3/06 @ 10:40 am), they still don't know when it will be up and running, but the best guess is a few days......

                1. re: Lizard

                  I "can" request that my subscription be extended? Well, ain't that sweet of them to "allow" us to "ask" to receive the services we've paid for! Especially considering how many people planned Superbowl parties around CI recipes that they now can't access.

                  How hard is it to put up one web page explaining to people what the heck is going on? Does it really take a week?

                  1. re: DL

                    sorry! don't shoot the messenger, however they did say you could call them, and they'd help you with recipe assistance.....