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Jan 17, 2006 02:01 PM

Decaf coffee at night?

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So, starting to crave coffee in the PM as well as the AM, but the leaded stuff really affects my getting to sleep if I have it after 4pm. Are there trace amounts of caffiene in decaf that might keep me up at nights - I'd be interested in your experiences.

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  1. Yes, there is still a minimal amount of caffine in decaf.

    I suggest maybe a coffee flavored syrup in warm milk?

    1. Decaf also has other xanthenes (sp) beside caffeine, so I find that even decaf keeps me awake at night.

      1. Yes, there are trace amounts of caffeine, but they may not matter.

        We switched to decaf years ago because I handle stress a lot better without caffeine. Before I recognized that problem, I was one of those people who could drink coffee any time of day or night without sleep issues--I was just that used to the stuff. Now that I'm decaffinated, I feel positively buzzed if I do have high-test coffee, and I cannot have it past 3pm if I want to sleep at night. But I drink decaf at night with no problems whatsoever.

        Experiment. Chances are that if you are having caffinated coffee at other times during the day, your body is desensitized enough that the small amounts in decaf will not be a problem at night.

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          I think you can get used to it too... In Mexico, we always have coffee (Not decaf) at night. It's not night time at my parents house with without our coffee pot going. In fact, that is really the only time I drink coffee, at my parents house at night...

          Mind you, I've never experienced a coffee buzz, nor is the coffee they brew really strong. But it's not a WEIRD thing at all to have a bit of coffee as you wind your evening down...


        2. There are traces of caffeine even in decaf coffee. I have to order decaf after 3pm or I'll pay for it! I've had no problem going to sleep after drinking decaf coffee or even decaf cappuccino anytime of the day/night. Just watch what you eat/drink: soda (like iced tea) and coffee-flavored yogurt are other culprits as well.

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            I only drink decaf after 12 noon as it can keep me awake. If you drink decaf in the evening you might want to use Splenda or Equal instead of sugar. Sugar can be a stimulant too. Heresy: while i'm a stickler for ground coffee in the morning, i love "Taster's Choice/Nescafe's" Instant Decaf coffee for afternoon/evening. I find it delightfully smooth with low acidity. Good luck!

          2. I have been drinking decaf at night for years. The important issue is, get good decaf beans! I buy them and sometimes grind them myself and other times have them ground when I purchase them. I love Coffee Bean French roast mixed with expresso beans. The same for Starbucks. You will have a good cup of coffee and no after effects that will affect your sleep pattern. I have not noticed any sleep pattern difficulties. Of course everyone is different but no matter what anyone says you can get used to decaf coffee without that caffeine jolt that is bothersome before sleep. Also caffeinated coffee is not good if one is taking blood pressure medication.