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Dec 14, 2005 11:23 PM

goodies for a soldier in Kuwait?

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what food items might a soldier in Kuwait want/need?
Need some practical advice, thanks! (don't know exactly where his unit is, but I think it's calvary. Does this mean tanks?)

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  1. make a huge really thick pan of rice crispy treats,cut into big squares then split them & fill with a layer of mini-marshmallows. wrap well in saran wrap. the margarine in the treats will keep them moist so they will travel well....

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      what a great idea!

    2. My son did a year in Iraq. He really liked getting jerky, cans of nuts, candy (like skittles, no chocolate,it melts). You can get those little packages that have chicken or tuna with crackers.
      But mostly he liked getting a couple cans of beer.
      Don't know about Kuwait. He may have access to this stuff already. My son was on a base with no PX.
      I'll ask him about it later. If he has anything I didn't name I'll post again.

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      1. re: Bobfrmia

        What's the etiquette or legality in sending beer to a Muslim country?

        1. re: Peter

          i dont know about legality but dont do it...that's very disrespectful

          1. re: Peter

            It is illegal to ship alcohol anywhere outside the country. The soldiers in Iraq buy rotgut from the locals. I ( and many others ) overlooked that fact in order to bring some joy and relief to a few of those doing a thankless and dangerous job in sometimes extreme conditions.

            1. re: Bobfrmia

              A friend indeed!!!

        2. My spouse spent a year in Afghanistan and I sent the following:

          shelled pistachios and peanuts
          canned chips, pretzels etc (canned so that they wouldn't get smooshed)
          candy (esp individually packaged ones so they could pass them out to the kids)
          candy that doesn't melt, like life savers, lollypops, twizzlers
          good coffee (Army drinks crappy Folgers)
          peanut butter
          pencils, pens, paper

          Essentially, I went to Costco and just looked. I bought big packages because everything was shared or distributed to the kids in the area.

          1. Last year I used the Vermont Country Store To send an assortment of candy to a young man serving in Iraq.

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            1. re: gudeatz

              FYI: A company cannot mail order anything to an APO address. So if you want to send something from the Vermont Company or any other, you have to send it yourself. When my son was in the 'sandbox' whatever we sent him was it's nice if you send enough to do that...

              1. re: meagan

                Meagan...Sorry, but you are not correct. Vermont Country Store DID in fact ship my order of assorted candies to a young soldier serving in Iraq..

                1. re: gudeatz

                  "All packages must be sent via the U.S. Postal System. The post office also requires companies or individuals to hand deliver packages being sent to APO/FPO addresses. (This is one reason why many merchants won't ship to APO/FPO addresses.)"

                  So it looks like those merchants who are willing to go to the post office with the package are allowed to ship to overseas military base addresses, just like individuals.

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                    Thank you for telling me that about the Vermont Country Store being willing to ship to APO addresses! We will be near there after the holidays and I may stop in to say 'Thank You.'

                    1. re: gudeatz

                      And Amazon and Harry and Favid can handle APO/FPO orders.I shipped to my brother in Buenos Aires with an APO address with little difficulty

                2. I've heard Gatorade mix is appreciated (also sunblock and socks -sorry non-food!)