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Oct 16, 2005 03:20 PM

need advice on kitchen appliances,

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hi, i am beginning to research what applicances i want for my new kitchen. i have heard that subzero and wolf are bad, etc. can people tell me what their experiences have been like with stoves, hoods, washer/dryer and dishwashers?
i would greatly appreciate it. we are willing to spend more money, but it seems higher price and name doen't always eqaul quality and value.


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  1. Hi-

    Please repost your query on the Home Cooking board where we discuss all manner of large and small kitchen appliances.



    1. GET A MIELE or anything but a Wolf or Sub Zero. We bought both. The sub-zero so far has needed parts from the day it was installed. The Wolf double wall oven didn't work at all and needed parts. The fans make more noise than a construction site and the answers from the company indicate that there is a problem with overheating in the electronic panels, so the two cooling fans have to run at high speed all the time. When we bought the oven we didn't know there was a problem and of course, even now they say there is no problem. GUESS WHAT> THERE IS A BIG ENGINEERING PROBLEM and I can't wait to get rid of it.

      1. hello, im not sure if this is the right place (new to the chow), but i am also hoping for advice on appliances...

        i am interested in purchasing a bosch gas range and over the range micorwave and wanted to know if anyone had heard about the pros and cons of this brand. any advice is greatly appreciated! thank you

        1. You may also want to read up on kitchen renovations on gardenweb's home renovation forum. There is much more content there for this subject. I found it to be very helpful for my own kitchen renovation, whereas I look to chowhound mostly for food-related discussion.

          1. Consumer Reports just had a review of ranges. I spent hours reading the Gardenweb forums and found that most Wolf owners seemed happy with their purchase. Viking and Thermador seemed to have a lot of disgruntled customers. I ended up purchasing a Wolf and hope I didn't make a mistake. I usually like to purchase American made products.