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Sep 27, 2005 10:15 PM

Buy a New Orleans cookbook/proceeds go to Red Cross

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Williams Sonoma will donate the full retail price of their New Orleans cookbook (from their Foods of the World series) to the American Red Cross for each New Orleans cookbook they sell through October 16. It's $24.95 and has some wonderful photographs, as well as a beautifully-written history of the local restaurant scene that will make your heart ache. I've bought one for my own collection and plan on buying a few more to give as gifts for several good friends who have October birthdays.



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  1. DQ, do you know it that's applies to their retail stores as well as on line?

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      The Dairy Queen

      Yes, the Red Cross donation offer is valid both in the stores and online--I asked when I bought one for myself at my local Williams Sonoma store.

      When I placed my gift-order on Williams Sonoma's website, it said the books were back-ordered to October 15, but they shipped a day or two ago anyway and I'm starting to hear back from my friend that they have received the ones I sent as gifts.