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Sep 26, 2005 10:58 PM

Restaurant Revamp-Bobby Flay trying tobe Gordon Ramsey?

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I just saw the tease for this show. I guess the Food TV people have as much originality as the regular TV people. For christ's sake, why can't they come up with an original idea. And what has Food TV become, a welfare state for Bobby Flay? Never been a big fan of his so I don't see the charm. I do see him all over the Food Network, are they trying to groom him to be the next Emeril? At least Emeril knows food. The Boobster only knows how to grill. As George Clinton used to say about disco:" you can't make good love if you just have one stroke."
I don't suppose Gordon Ramsey has anything to worry about. I would think Flay imitating Ramsey would just come off whiny.

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  1. Concur about Flay. We must be the 1% cuz I don't think the network would put someone on the air so much if he/she isn't pulling in the ratings. Come to mention it, how come Rachel Ray has so many shows too?!
    (three off the top of my head)

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      I don't watch his shows as I'm not into grilling, but he certainly does know how to do much more than that - evidenced by the success of his three restaurants in Manhattan - Mesa Grill, Bolo & Bar Americain.

      1. re: MMRuth

        Bobby Flay, for whatever reason, has many detractors on this site. Personally, I really enjoy his shows because he's a real NY'er and I miss NY'ers personalities living down here in Florida.

        I also think he knows plenty about food. He's become a big success. Why begrudge him that? Don't any of us wish we, too, could turn our love of food and restaurants into a career that pays so well.

        The one I have trouble watching anymore is Emerril and no, I don't agree that he is any more knowledgable than Bobby Flay. Just my opinion.

    2. Emeril also ENJOYS what he's doing, even when it's total schlock. Bobby never seems to be having any fun at all - his demos are conducted with the rollicking relish of a craniotomy. He looks as though he's in some kind of pain, and as I prefer to avoid pain I generally avoid Bobby.

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        Morton the Mousse

        I've tried his cooking at a couple of Wine and Food festivals and was very unimpressed; it was some of the worst stuff at the event. I certainly wont be wasting my money at his restaurants.

        1. wow. that sounds like a mistake. bobby flay may be the least charismatic celebrity chef i've ever seen. it takes a certain type to be gordon ramsay.