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Sep 22, 2005 01:08 PM

Robert Sietsema weighs in on LARD

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Our man Sietsema, beloved to many New Yorkers, has the cover story in the Village Voice this week. The topic is LARD and other fun food. NYC restaurants are discussed, but before that he gives an excellent little roundup of fats history and usage.

Hope this is the proper board for this -- it's about food writing . . .


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  1. I am very much in the "avoid all trans fat" camp and appreciate lots of good butter, lard, etc. But one fact that many of these types of stories (i.e., "Crisco and margarine are bad, lard and butter are good.") fail to point out is that lard is also available as hydrogenated lard. That lard is often used in restaurants because it is more stable. I've spotted the big white tubs of it at many San Francisco bay area taquerias. If you're switching to lard from hydrogenated fats for health reasons, be sure you're getting the good, pure stuff.



    1. Pitu, Thanks for the great link! I recently made a dinner of larded duck (Charlie Trotter's recipe) for two friends that are heart surgeons. (The duck is poached for five hours in pure duck fat and lard.) Not only was it terrific, it was great to watch them both clean their plates--skin and all. Lard is also why the refried beans at real Taqerias are so good.