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Sep 21, 2005 02:14 PM

Dine for America

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Dine for America is a arm of the NRA (National Restaurant Association)that is sponsoring a function to raise funds for Hurricane Katrina relief. I have no association with either the NRA or Dine for America, I'm merely the messenger and posting this info for anyone who may be interested.

The fund raising event will take place on October 5th. The web page below has links to a list of all restaurants in the U.S. that will be participating and the amount of their proceeds that they will contribute on that night. There is also additional information about Dine for America and where the contributions go.


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  1. Hmmm. Not to knock the cause, but the amount of money from each meal is going to be minimal at best, and these kinds of arrangements are often little more than opportunities for publicity and tax breaks.
    One would be much better off making a cash donation to one of the major charities involved in helping out.

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    1. re: Two Forks

      Very well could be. Proceeds will vary by restaurant. Some of the ones in my local area are donating 100% of the dining room sales while others only 5-10%, which isn't much.

      1. re: Gayla

        I've never owned, run, or worked in a restaurant (other than a post-college stint in the pizza delivery industry), but everything that I've heard would indicate that the vast majority of restaurants operate with a profit margin of 3 to 4 percent. A donation of 10 percent of the register for one day may not be much, but it's no doubt mare than the profits for the whole day.

        And it's still better to do something than to do nothing.

        And a whole lot of restaurants doing a little something will eventually add up to be a big something.

        Most of the participating restaurants in my area are not the ones that I would choose for a birthday dinner, but I still appreciate the effort.

    2. *Dine for America*

      Can it be a coincidence that, with the NRA sponsoring this event, that when you take the n out of Dine you end up getting the true purpose of the organization?

      (sort of like those old Mad magazine back covers where you folded it into thirds to see what was really going on in the illustration) (g)

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      1. re: WLA

        Ah, don't believe it's the NRA you're thinking of. National Restaurant Association, maybe?

      2. Olive Garden? Yoshinoya? Phony Aroma's???

        I'm gonna send a check to Oxfam and eat at home...

        1. Here is another alternative that might include some options more palatable to hounds (the SF list definitely includes some board favorites)...(I have no interest other than as a user of Open Table)...

          I have already donated hard cash to several organizations, and don't see this as an alternative to the need to give, but I am still eating out and it is an excuse to try a place I've been wanting to try (in my case it will be dinner at Ponzu next Tuesday), and I can get hubby to come along by pointing out it is for a good cause! :-)