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Sep 20, 2005 12:50 PM

knife sharpening

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I have a set of Henkels knives that need to be sharpened and was wondering if someone could recommend a place in northern Westchester County. (Sorry if this isn't the correct board.) I tried the kitchen store in Mahopac in the KMart shopping center last year and wasn't impressed.

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  1. Why not try sharpening them yourself? Just buy a decent sharpening stone and oil. The trick is to pretend the sharpening stone is onion or garlic and you're trying to slice off the thinnest possible slice.
    Don't know what kind of steel is in a Henckels blade. Really high-carbon steel can be tough to sharpen, but often they stay sharper longer. It's stainless steel, so it can't be that high of carbon.


    1. I was actually looking for the same thing, I live in southern Ulster County, so if anyone has any suggestions in the hudson valley area I would be interested.

      I do normally sharpen the knives myself, with the Henckels sharpening tool, but they are getting kind of dull, even with my sharpening, and I would like it done professionally.
      Thanks so much in advance!!!