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Sep 19, 2005 08:55 PM

Seen the "New Scandinavian Cooking" TV Show?

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I'm hooked on it!

It airs on Saturday afternoon on Ventura, CA PBS that comes over my Direct TV feed.

Part travelogue-cultural peekaboo, part cooking, the hosts are adorably clunky, with that "deer-in-the-headlights" stiffness in front of the camera that can be great TV.

Last season's host, Andre Viested, in one episode, cooked fish in a shack on a pier, where the entire wall opened up to the water and he hauled the fish into the kitchen by pulling a bucket out of the water. A storm blew up, they closed up the wall, some of the food froze on set! In another episode, he hosted from the farm that has been in his family for 250 years, using ingredients from there and harvesting mussels from the adjoining bay.

Addictive stuff.

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  1. I thought it was pretty kitschy. The guy is always in places like on the top of a ski slope with a huge kitchen set up in the snow. The food he cooked was fairly interesting, but it seemed like the scandinavian stuff was stretched to stereotypes. I'm sure people in norway aren't building outdoor ovens so they can cook out in the snow. I'd rather them focus more on what the actual food is, rather than try and show off how cold it is outside by cooking it outdoors...

    All that said, I'd still watch it over almost anything on FoodTV.

    And this comes from a fellow scandinavian...

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    1. re: adamclyde
      Eldon Kreider

      According to their web site the new season is set in Sweden (not Norway as in the first two seasons) with a new host who is female. I haven't seen it yet because the first episode won't be broadcast in Chicago (WYCC) until Sunday, September 25.

      1. re: Eldon Kreider

        The new Swedish host, Tina Nordström, was a big hit in Sweden on TV. Very personable, not afraid to admit mistakes and quite knowledgable without being haughty. My guess is she will go over well in the US as well.

          1. re: mdibiaso

            I never saw the show's first season episodes but I have seen the new episodes with Tina Nodstrom and I think the idea is an interesting one.

            I like the fact that the cooking is part of the daily bustle outdoors. In the shows I have seen so far I learned a couple of unusual combinations I may have never tried on my own. Like in one of the episodes she used berries in one of her salads. I have been including fruits in my salad for ages (apples, pears, grapes, etc.) but I had never considered (or would have considered for that matter) wild berries before I saw it on her show.

            The one thing I remarked is that she constantly uses her hands sans utensils to mix things (something which I think most cooks do in their own kitchens but that somehow is not always done in cooking shows) a la Nigella Lawson.

            I like the show and plan to buy the book--if it has beautiful photographs from the countries where the recipes originated--since I believe all of the recipes are available on the web site free.


            1. re: Maria

              "The one thing I remarked is that she constantly uses her hands sans utensils to mix things..."

              Like Emeril?

              1. re: Two Forks

                I don't like Emeril so I never watch his show.


      2. Kitchen Of Light is a great cookbook too. We throw a Scandinavian-themed Christmas party every year and used several dishes from the book (i.e. Vodka Marinated Sirloin) for the last one.

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        1. re: Rum Holiday

          I just started to get hooked on this series, and LOVE IT. It's shown on the Create TV channel, the PBS-driven cooking/craft/gardening/travel channel.

          I like both hosts, and love the concept of the show. Seeing just what these countries look like has me wanting to travel there, and the food makes it even more appealing! The show's website is nicely done, and gave many recipies I want to try, including the one you mentioned, Rum Holiday.

          How -is- the Vodka-marinated Sirloin? It sounds mouthwateringly wonderful!

        2. Wow, this is my favorite new-to-me cooking show

          I've seen 2 episodes so far and loved the sandwich recipes I saw on the first episode.

          Just saw Episode 6 "Where Everything Smells of Apples"

          Can't wait to try that Apple Glazed Duck Breast recipe!

          From the website I see it's been on for 5 seasons!