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Sep 19, 2005 02:11 PM

Getting a copy of a restaurant's check....

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A few months ago, I had dinner at a local restaurant.
Now that I'm finally ready to do my expense account (greatly overdue) I found that I have lost my receipt for the dinner.

I called the restaurant to request a copy of the receipt. I provided the accounting person with date/time of reservation and appoximate total of check.

After a few days I heard back that he can't find the receipt unless I give him the exact amount of the check. I have told him it was over $200 but can't remember the exact amount. I didn't pay with a credit card so there is no way to get a copy of the receipt that way.

What else can I do to make it possible for restaurant's accouting person to find my receipt?

Any ideas?


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  1. Here's what I would do, as an accountant.

    If you got the impression that the rest. acct. really couldn't find your reciept (which I find reasonable) , then write a memo describing the meal w/ location, date, names of persons entertained and business purpose. Make a good faith estimate of what it cost, and round down a little. Take this to your boss, explain the situation, ask for a signature overiding the receipt requirement.

    If for some reason that didn't work, I would call the restaurant back, explain your problem, and ask the accountant there to send you a copy of ANY cash receipt on the right date for the approximate amount.

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    1. re: danna

      Thanks for your advice.
      I might have to resort to one of these remedies.

      I'm usually very careful to keep all my refundable expense receipts in one place--cash & credit--but I guess there is always a first time.

      Thanks again.


    2. Can't you just make a copy of your credit card bill with the line item highlighted? Oh, and that's also how you'll find the exact amount, BTW.

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      1. re: Ellen

        Payment was by check, it seems, not credit card....

        1. re: Karl S

          Cash, not check. doh!

          1. re: Karl S.

            Double doh! My bad. Most of the time it's too little information....

      2. It might the restaurant's practice to wipe cash payments off the books. You know?

        1. Your charge receipt should be sufficiant, and maybe any other charge-card-company statement that you ate at that place at that time (like, maybe, if your monthly statement is sufficiantly detailed).

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          1. re: Wayne Keyser

            She did not pay with a credit card!

            1. re: Sister Sue

              1 - Silly me, I missed that fact (there it was, staring me in the face)

              2 - Expense account? You really REALLY ought to be paying with a charge card. This is perhaps the most important reason.

          2. why on earth would you pay cash for a dinner on an expense account ? i'm sure the restaurant owners made that check go bye-bye........

            My advise....USE A CREDIT CARD .....