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Sep 18, 2005 02:13 PM

Salt Grinders

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Hi gang,

I'm in the market for a really good--but really inexpensive--salt grinder. Which ones do you love? Which ones are awful? Does anybody use/like the Oxxo?

Any help gratefully appreciated,


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  1. Since my Peugot (that I think predates my 41 years) is still going strong, I would recommend it. (Along with the match to the salt mill, I also have a newer pepper mill and unlike so many things, they still seem to be made as well as they ever were.) In NYC, anyway, you can find them for $20-25.

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      PS: I wouldn't have mentioned it in light of the "really inexpensive" part, but I'm assuming the Oxo must be $12-15, and from what I've seen of it on the shelf, I think the Peugot is worth an extra $10 or less.