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Sep 16, 2005 11:25 PM

Food Blogs and Blogging by Mail

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Hello! This is a response to a request from The Dairy Queen on the Midwestern Board. I asked for great MN packaged foods because I'm participating in something called blogging by mail. It's only the second time that this has happened--we sign up and have been assigned to someone far away. Then we send homemade and local goodies to them.

Anyway, food blogs are great fun to read. A good starting point is This site is food porn watch and lists all recently updated food sites.

Here are some of my favorite food blogs:

Try these out and look at the other blogs that they read. Let me know if you have more questions--I love looking at these places.

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    The Dairy Queen

    Hey! Thank you for your post. I almost missed it!

    My goodness, who knew there were so many food sites! It's almost overwhelming.

    So, have you received any goodies "blogging by mail"--where from? Are some of the food by mail bloggers international? How interesting!