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Sep 16, 2005 06:25 PM

This is weird ... I'm fasting ...

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talk about "not about food?"

I haven't eaten since Monday night. Has some chicken, hommus, pita and soymilk ice "cream" for dessert.

Since then I've had only an elixir of water, lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper.

60 oz or more a day.

Plus a quart of salt water every morning and a cup of tea before bed.

This is day 4.

I'm shooting for 10.

Weird huh? Cuz I'm a chowhound and I love eating.

Strange ...

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  1. Why are you fasting?

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    1. re: annie

      I did a lot of research and know some people who tried this particular fast.

      You cleanse a lot of toxins out of the body. Everyone who has done it and stuck with it for more than a week experienced some euphoria ...

      To tell you the truth, I was a vegan for many years. Not the healthiest vegan, I drank a bit, I ate fried food, drank coffee, but a vegan.

      Then I added fish and eggs back into my diet when I went to Mexico.

      For some reason, last summer, I decided to go back to eating everything. Everything but dairy. I'm not into milk or cheese. Chicken, steaks, meatballs, whatever, even stuff that had dairy in it, like chocalate. And when I did, I started drinking a little more. Like the two things went together.

      And I gained like 10 pounds in a year. And I sort of felt sluggish.

      So, I decided to do some cleansing. Internal cleansing. And my wife has some skin problems and her doc thought she might benefit as skin problems are often because the body is shedding toxins.

      BTW - We all have toxins in our body. The food we eat, the air we breathe. It's no big deal, really. Our immune systems take care of it. But if you cleanse yourself, you are supposed to have more energy and vitality.

      I might also drop some weight. I've lost 2-3 pounds in three days. If I drop 5-6 by the time I'm done, that would be a nice side benefit.

      To tell you the truth, it's a test of my endurance at this point. I want to do it because it's there.

      I'm reading chowhound, la board, for the list of places I will eat when I'm done. Yesterday, I wanted spaghetti and meatballs really, really bad. A garlic craving. Today I want a turkey burger. Don't know why.

      Funny, huh ...

      1. re: PaulF
        rabo encendido


        Did the exact same "fast" you are doing now back in January. For five or six days. You'll get through it, and feel pretty good once you're done. Thinking about doing it again soon, actually.

        Make sure to ramp back up carefully in terms of your diet---your first meal back should not be a two-martini bone-in porterhouse with mashed potatoes and creamed spinach at Mastro's. Sounds friggin' good, though.

        Best of luck, Paul.

    2. A 3 day liquid fast from time to time would be OK. A fast of more 3 days should be done under medical supervision, if at all.

      1. I went for 42 days between late September and early November, 2003 - about the same time a magician did a 40 day fast suspended in a transparent box from a crane in London. I drank water and coffee with a bit of artificial sweetener. In an interview on Larry King, the magician said he experienced pain. I never experienced any pain or any real discomfort. I wasn't ever really hungry. I watched a lot of TV, and the KFC/Pizza Hut/Wendy's, etc. ads did all of a sudden make their offerings seem more appealing. I would go out every morning to get the paper. I had to go down and up a somewhat long flight of steps to do this. Toward the end, I experienced some dizziness on the stairs. Also toward the end, I found that my saliva developed an unpleasant "viscuousness" and my tongue had a dirty, salty, metallic taste. On the 43rd day I gave up. I craved salt and acid. My first meal consisted of grapefruit juice and potato chips.

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        1. re: jalapeno

          I'm sorry, but what you did was pretty stupid. You seriously could have done some permanent damage to your body.

          1. re: Sir Gawain

            To: Sir Gawain

            Thank you for your concern.

          2. re: jalapeno

            It took you nearly 40 days to get dizzy on the stairs?

            I'm curious about this. If you don't mind my asking, did you have plenty of body fat when you started? I can't understand what your body used for fuel for 40 days. Did you feel like you lost muscle mass? Did you get any exercise other than the trip to the mailbox?

            Did you take supplements? A lady I worked with a few years ago was a bit of an eccentric who lived alone. She apparently lost interest in food... developed a vitamin B deficiency that caused some neurological damage. She started acting weird at work and when she fell down on the stairs, co-workers finally dragged her to the ER. She never recovered full mental function and now, years later, is still on disability.

          3. Ah, the infamous "master cleanse" diet-otherwise known as the "Lemonaide diet". Courtney Love, Anna Nicole Smith, RoseAnne Barr/Arnold have all have sworn by it.

            Here is funny online journal of someone entire experience:


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            1. re: foodiex2

              not sure I like being in the same company as the three ladies you mention ... at least from a dietary sense ... LOL ... but that's the fast

              It's really intersting to do it ...

              Can't wait to eat again, though ...

              1. re: PaulF

                Yeah- none of them are poster children for living a healthy lifestyle!! Good luck and be sure to post back after day 10. And read that journal I posted a link to- you will get an idea of what to expect as the days pass! ;)

                1. re: foodiex2

                  I'll post again

                  FWIW = I've seen that link you posted and I did want to comment that the writer varied the fast quite a bit, changing it up and modifying it.

                  Everyone else pretty much says to work the program the exact way for max effect.

                  We'll see ...

            2. I went a couple of weeks once. I didn't really think about food after the first 3 or 4 days. My first meal was a 4 piece chicken nugget. I ate one and was stuffed. I forced myself to eat the second nugget. Saved the remaining 2 for my next days meal.
              My wifes Martial Arts instructor swears by the fast you are doing. I think he also fasts one day per week regularly and does something like a week or 2 once a year every year.