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Sep 14, 2005 08:45 PM

"The Future of Food" film

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In case no one has mentioned it here yet, there's a documentary called "The Future of Food" premiering today at the Film Forum in New York and then nationwide.

The theater describes it as a muckraking exploration of the food revolution, specifically genetically modified food. Sounds interesting to me, anyway - maybe you also?

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  1. i heard about this one & i'm interested. i just hope it does not end with soylent green!

    link below with some info + trailer:



    1. Take a hanky, and then join Slow Food...

      1. I saw it at a preview screening on Monday, and it is really very disturbing. Makes you only want to eat the food you personally grow. The sheer horrors that are done in pursuit of money never fail to astound me.