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Sep 14, 2005 02:43 PM

Air cleaner?

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Looking for a room air cleaner to remove food odors from the dining room/kitchen. Not interested in the Sharper Image one after Consumer Reports recent findings. Anyone have any first hand experience?

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  1. We have a Hunter, more for my husband's smoking, but it keeps the whole area odor free (and sucks up lots of cat hair too). Been using for 3 or more years, people do comment how well it seems to work. I was thinking of getting the other one because 1) the filters are really expensive and 2) it's sort of noisy. What was supposed to be so bad about the Sharper Image one?

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      Apparently the Sharper Image unit emits harmful levels of ozone. In addition, it really doesn't do a whole lot for actually removing particles.


    2. I have the Friedriech air clearner. It's huge (think litter box) but pretty effective. No HEPA filter to change but there is a carbon filter that absorbs odors that will need to be replaced occasionally. Not cheap for the unit, it was about $450.

      1. We recently got a Hamilton Beach Model # 04163 and it is doing a good job. Its in the living room, but somehow senses odors coming from the kitchen. When I cook, it clicks into high cleaning mode automatically. It takes a little while to clean all of the smell out, because its such a large area. It also has a UV light to kill germs.

        I have to shut it off when I want to burn a candle that I want the scent of!

        Amazon did have a package deal with lots of filters and stuff and had it for around $100 (list is twice that)

        1. This is one of those questions that someone else cannot answer for you, because it all depends...

          What's your budget? How big is the room? Is cooking odor your only concern, or do you have to worry about dust, pollen, smoke, allergens? Do you want a machine that takes some space in the room or something unobtrusive? Do you want a HEPA filter, carbon filters (for smells), electromagnetic action or a combination? What about noise? How often are the windows open? How much are you willing to spend on maintenance and filter replacements?

          It's worth doing some research on your own to best fit your needs. You could spend a little on pretty useless machines or spend a lot on very good machines.

          Attached is a somewhat helpful interview. It hits a lot of considerations, but not all. For instance, the CADR rate, which is something that is mentioned by Consumer Reports.

          For a stand alone machine, IQAir is the best out there, but it's a least a $1000 bucks, plus pretty expensive replacement filters, but this is what they use in hospitals. But you may not need that.


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            Lots of info, thanks. Mainly looking for a small, relatively inexpensive machine, and mainly for cooking. I think I can work it out with all the replies and links. Thanks again.

          2. I know you were asking about a machine but I simply ordered a case, online, of candles called Odor Eliminator Candle for smokers, chefs and pet owners. It works like a charm and smells great! I have a really strong sense of smell and even bacon odor is gone right away. Linda

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              where do you order the odor eliminator candles?