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Sep 13, 2005 05:53 PM

Random thought on food and air quality

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This is kind of random, but wanted to see if anyone else has had the same experience. Ever since the restaurants I've gone to have gone non-smoking (Boston and L.A.), I've found food abroad (even strong things like Argentinian wine and Sichuan food in China) to have sort of a flat, car exhaust and tobacco taste that I don't get at home. I've found it at most places with bad air quality, or indoors most places with smoking. And I'm pretty sure I didn't begin to notice until after Boston went non smoking a few years back. Anyone have a similar experience?

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    Morton the Mousse

    It is a scientific fact that smell and taste are strongly linked. I find it impossible to enjoy the taste of food if I can smell a foul odor. Mrs. Mousse, who has a more sensitive palate than I, cannot eat a meal at an outdoor cafe if there is someone smoking a few yards away. It overwhelms her palate and all she tastes is smoke. I am so thankful for the smoking ban in California. Without it, I don't know if I'd enjoy eating out.

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      It's amazing to me that people sit and eat outdoors along Columbus Avenue, their food spiced with bus and cab exhaust.

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        How'bout perfumes? More and more frecuently we find ourselves asking the waiter to relocate us due to incredibly strong smells coming from neighboring tables.

        1. re: RicRios
          Morton the Mousse

          I detest perfume! I think it is just as bad as tobacco smoke. And in a restaurant, where smell is everything, it is so rude to douse yourself with chemicals that invade fellow diner's space. Here in Berkeley, we're actually starting to see some stores bill themselves as "scent free." I've seen a particularly sensitive store owner ask people who reeked of perfume to leave. If only more restaurants would take on that policy.