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Sep 7, 2005 04:06 PM

ISO Kitchen Candles

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One of the problems I've found - actually, the only one I can think of - in having an open plan kitchen is that there's no door you can close in order to keep cooking odors contained within the kitchen, even with a good, strong ventilation fan. Instead, the whole house ends up smelling like garlic or onions or whatever...

Seems to me that I've seen ads for some kind of unscented - and that's key - kitchen candle that's supposed to neutralize odors.

Does anybody know anything about these, like: do they work? And, if so, where I can find them online?


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  1. I have an open kitchen, pretty much the whole public area of the house is open, but with a really powerful fan there isn't a problem with unwanted cooking odors. NB: old fish & 3 day old sauerkraut are "unwanted cooking odors", fresh cinnamon rolls are not. Turn on the fan before you begin cooking to create a draft over the cooktop. Fans are rated by a CFM designation, Cubic Feet per Minute of air moved. The standard way to figure the number of CFMs required is to double the square footage of your kitchen area and use that number for the minimum CFM fan rating.
    EX: a 10X10 kitchen = 200 sq ft, so the fam should have a minimum 200 CFM rating. In an open plan, I used a very generous X3 and added a bit more. My kitchen area is approx 18X20 = 360 X 3 = 1080. My fan is rated at 1200 CFM and will almost pull you out of your boots when running on high spped. A variable speed control makes it easy to tune down the pull. It is vented up up and away, outdoors to keep the noise at a minimum indoors. Be careful of outdoor runs that exceed 25 ft. The power of the fan diminishes as the length of the run increases. With a long run, you get into additional power units and a lot of unnecessary expense. Make certain that the fan is not mounted too high above the cooktop because that also diminishes the pulling power. Good Luck!