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Sep 5, 2005 12:14 PM

SF Chowhounds -- is there a group of chowhounds that meetup or have a yahoogroup to organize outings?

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Hi SF Chowhounds,

I'm new to the area, and was looking for a group of SF Chowhounds that plan outings to go eat, kind of like what we had in LA.

So is there a yahoogroup to organize outings?

Thanks in advance!

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    1. The San Francisco 'hounds are getting ready to have their annual picnic, which would be a great opportunity to meet your local chowhounds. I've linked the post below.

      (Caveat, as an LA 'hound, I don't know whether there are still vacancies, but it would give you a starting point and some contact info in any event)


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      1. re: DanaB
        Melanie Wong

        Hey Dana, we miss you!

        The picnic is SOLD OUT, and registration closed on Aug. 31. There's no more room at the picnic, but we hope to see new folks and familiar faces at the next event.

      2. There is also an Oakland workday lunch group: we get together periodically in downtown Oakland and nearby...If you want to get on our evite list, send me an email (off line)...and watch the boards, we post the events, and our next lunch is coming very soon (I will be posting details tomorrow)...