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Sep 1, 2005 11:24 PM

If you want to share your home...

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...there are 2 websites to list ads for helping Katrina victims with housing:

www.craigslist.org --- click on New Orleans



I read on CNN that there ARE matches being made and folks actually calling to respond to these heart-rending offers of lodging for those who've lost everything.

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  1. There's also katrinahome.com.

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    1. re: Chris VR

      Thank you! GREAT! The more lists, the better...just reading some of the ads at craigslist.org makes me feel a tiny bit better after hearing of folks shooting at doctors and med-evac helicopters...some folks will pay airfare and help with jobs in addition to housing...we cannot all do that, I know, every little bit helps, though.

    2. I have a (modest) room in my house available, with a shared bathroom, with me and my fiancee. For a couple of months, in Austin. No, it's not for Austin City Limits.

      1. And this website, hosted by MoveOn.org:

        Link: http://hurricanehousing.org