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Sep 1, 2005 05:11 PM

Resources for Hurricane Katrina

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Below is the official website for information and
how to help victims of this disaster.


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  1. That FEMA link is one of the best in terms of people outside the area seeking to help out. There is a page of organizations to donate funds in addition to the Red Cross.

    The site put together by McNeese State University has a number of links to NO local news and resources.

    Especially useful is WWLTV's forum that is a central place for people report they are OK or looking for loved ones.

    There are a number of blogs that do this too, but it doesn't seem to be as organized. Technorati is a blog search site that might be a help if looking for someone who might have reported in on one of the many blogs.


    1. The first anniversary of Katrina is coming up and on Aug. 29 the FoodNetwork, the National Restaurant Assoc. and American Express have organized an effort to get additional relief to the area for kids' lunch programs and help for restaurant workers who remain unemployed since so many restaurants are gone.

      On Aug. 29 you can dine out at a participating restaurant in your area and part of the proceeds will go into the still-ravaged areas affected by Katrina. This website will help you locate restaurants in your area and also give you info about direct donations.

      There are still parts of New Orleans that look like this disaster happened only last week. This is a painless way to help in the recovery of this unique food that has meant so much to food culture. Let's give them some support!

      1. An excellent service for a Chowhound with the time would be to volunteer to cook at one of the soup kitchens run by Emergency Communities. Believe they now have one in NOLA and one down the road a bit in another devastated area. I did this back in April, and it was extremely rewarding. This is an interesting challenge for a cook, because you never know what donated items you're going to have to cook with, or someone shows up with a ton of grapes, and you have to figure out how to use them up before they spoil. Check this out -- it's a very worthy cause. They also accept monetary donations.