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Sep 1, 2005 04:16 PM

Remembering New Orleans

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At the request of the CH team am reposting on this board:

Have been quite upset to watch the TV news with all the grim realities of Hurricane Katrina which has devastated the lives of those she left behind in her path, including NOLA, Gulfport, & Biloxi.

So far only two or three people from Nola have checked in with CH (and one of them may well become resident in Chicago, while many others are Houston bound), however in the interim period, why not get this board moving by those of you who have visited before and who have some fair knowledge of the place by reminiscing and sharing your experience about New Orleans, its food, and its people. Maybe recalling some friends you would like to hear from might get them to respond back as to their whereabouts.

Guess you can talk about NO food such as gumbo, muffaletta (?), Cajun ingredients, restaurants, and such like without upsetting anyone (not any recipes please).

Am sure many of you out there will eventually go back for a visit whenever the time comes and many others will go there for the first time simply to see the place and support its people and culture.

Your thoughts and reminisces here could in the future act as a WAS THEN / IS NOW compendium and could prove to be an invaluable resource.

While your memories are fresh, please get this moving.

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  1. I'm wondering with all the toxicity in the water supply, what this does to the various types of seafoods, such as oysters, who "filter" water, etc. Its a valid concern...who knows the impact on the food supply in the region.

    1. This Salon article confirms what I read briefly and could never find again - for the most part, the French Quarter was spared.

      There is a brief description of two NO restaurants - Alex Patout's and Brennan's Restaurant. It also has reports about unfortunte tourists who were vacationing when the hurricane hit.

      Salon requires reading a brief ad before entering the site (unless you are a memmber)


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        A little more uplifting a story is this one about Gumbo Krewe which with the assistance of Whole Foods is cooking up chicken gumbo, jambalaya and red beans to emergency workers in St. Charles Parish and Kenner.

        This same organiztion served meals to emergency workers in New York following the Sept. 11 terrorists attacks.


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          I have been trying to find out how to donate to the gumbo krewe, as a chef I love the grass roots no over-head approach. If anyone knows how I can get a hold of them we have some Chefs in the San Francisco area who want to help...