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Aug 31, 2005 02:39 PM

Bakers Rack Source - NY?

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Can anyone recommend a source for buying a Bakers Rack in NY? I'd like to see it in person rather than just buying online.

Also, does anyone have any small apartment cooking equipment storage suggestions? Right now my Le Creuset is on the top of the bookshelves, pasta pot lives under my desk etc.


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  1. If you live in NYC head down to the Bowery. I bought a great rack from one of the restuarant supply stores just south of Houston on the east side of the street. I can't recall the name but look around that neighborhood for some real bargins.

    1. When I had a shoebox-size NYC kitchen I had a pot rack hanging from the ceiling for the big stuff and a grid rack on the wall for the less bulky stuff - saute pans, lids, utencils, etc. A very high shelf can also work - a 12 inch deep shelf up overhead that can store big items you don't use often. I also put in a drop-leaf cutting board that could add workspace when I needed it, that really helped.

      Try the Bowery as suggested - while looking for a baker's rack ( where will you put that!? ) you might find some nice industrial storage ideas.