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Aug 31, 2005 10:31 AM

best tea kettle?

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i recently discovered that our le creuset tea kettle (we have this one: ) is all rusty inside. since i'm not sure if this may be a warranty matter, i'm going to contact them to see if it can be replaced, but just in case, i'm looking for a new one. i like the look of the simplex tea kettle for a gas stove available at the link below, but i don't know much about the brand.

what's on your "best kettle" list?


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  1. I have a copper one and love it, though I don't have the one specifically for gas. I see that it "raises" the pot a bit - what is the reason for that?

    Find the Le Creuset one too heavy for early morning coffee making!

    1. The Le Creuset teapot that I got as a gift was a hunk of junk. It didn't last more than a year before it the handle fell off. The enamel also chipped off and it got rusty. Strange, since as a child we had an enameled tea kettle that lasted over 30 years.

      I ended up replacing it with a stainless steel electric kettle, which I love.

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        1. I just used your old link and purchased a simplex tea kettle. Does anyone else have one? I have looked around and they seem to be the best.

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            After going through a LeCreueset and two OXOs (gorgeous, with tilt handle), I decided to try a Chef's Choice electric -- believe it or not, on the recommendation of the US Russell Hobbs salesman. It is great. I am never going back. Boils water fast, auto-shut-off, what more can you want? The OXO's enamel always seemed to chip at the bottom where the kettle met my smooth cooktop stove, or for the first one, my granite countertop. The LC seemed to get rusty.

            I've had this for more than a year.

          2. For more than 10 years I've gotten great daily service from a no-name stainless-steel kettle purchased in Chinatown for less than $25. It's attractively styled, can be filled through the spout or by removing the lid, and has a plastic handle that doesn't get hot. Nothing on it has rusted, broken, or come loose. When polished up with a little Bon Ami, it looks as good as it did when it was new. If you're going with stainless, I just don't see the point of spending a large amount of money for a kettle that bears the name of a high-end cookware manufacturer but is probably made in the same Chinese factory as my anonymous one. The Simplex, being copper and having an unusual construction, may be in a class by itself, but I still can't imagine that there's such a huge difference in performance.

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              Revereware copper bottomed kettle if you insist on a stovetop kettle. Otherwise I'd recommend an electric kettle with the highest wattage rating you can find.