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Aug 31, 2005 07:55 AM

Hurricane Katrina

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Our thoughts & prayers are with all those who have experienced the disaster caused by Hurricane Katrina. As several other states besides NOLA came under Katrina's force, perhaps the hound team will allow those who gradually return to log on their return back on the board, this could also serve as a heads up to the many hounds around, that these ''food related'' businesses are back thereby enabling others to support their return to normality.

If this thread is not deleted, then would suggest that:
1.It be used only by those directly affected by Katrina

2.Keep your message brief and provide only specific/ relevant information.

3.No replies from those who have not been effected by the disaster.

There is currently an on-going thread on the NOLA board ''Hurricane Katrina and good wishes'' for those of you who wish to express their support, which it is hoped shall not be deleted either.

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    Hungry Celeste

    I survived hurricane katrina; I live 20 miles outside of the city (south & west). my house survived,too, and it is not underwater, so I am among the fortunate few at present. My account listed above is working, but cell phones & long distance are not. Commercial email is functioning via a local dialup provider. Pray, and send money to the red cross. As of a few minutes ago, the waters in NOLA were still rising, and tens of thousands who were sheltered in the superdome were being taken to the astrodome in houston.

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      Hi Celeste - how has the hurricane affected the small towns and bayous outside of the city (St. Martinville, Houma, etc.)? Your descriptons and advice have made them everymuch a part of the NO board as the city itsself. Donna and I are very glad you're ok.

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        newcomb Girl

        Hungry Celeste. Good to know you're OK. I always read your posts first; I consider you my expert. Bless you and yours.