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Aug 29, 2005 02:46 PM

Restaurant Supply Stores Los Angeles - Disposable Containers

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When I lived in San Francisco, there were lots of Chinese restuarant supply stores in the city that sold various disposable containers - boxes, microwavable plastic bowls - all with lids. You didn't have to buy 1000 units; most packs contained 25 - 100 units, ideal for someone with a very small catering/delivery service.

I'm looking for something like this in Los Angeles. Does anyone know of a place where I can find these types of disposable containers for a decent price, and not have to purchase 1000 of them at a time?


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  1. they are widely available from on-line suppliers. start with a google search for "food packaging".

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    1. re: mark

      Hi Mark,

      I've done that, but those require you to buy hundreds of units. ALso, I would prefer to go and look myself.

      Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    2. In Sacramento I go to Smart and Final.

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      1. re: Robert

        I go to Smart & Final also.

      2. There are one or two stores in Chinatown, I think on both sides of Broadway, between Alpine and College, plus a bunch more in the ground-floor rat-warrens a block over on Spring Street, that have large collections of that kind of thing. Most of the Asian markets in the San Gabriel Valley have items like this, though most are sorta skimpy. The exception is the Hawaii Supermarket at Del Mar and Valley in San Gabriel, which has an immense area devoted to cookware, serving pieces and storage items - practically the whole southern half of the store.

        1. you have other posts that say Smart & Final and I agree- they are small resto oriented and tend to have lots of different containers- varies by store.

          1. Costco (at least here in SF) has a number of different sizes of this sort of thing, as well, and in quantities you can probably live with.