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Aug 26, 2005 11:27 PM

Stocking my kitchen for my new low-carb cleansing.... further recs?

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As my previous post mentioned, am quite a carb addict, esp for pasta, bread, rice.... and feel best when doing low-carb.

So looking for favorite recs to have on hand.

Here's my list:

Soy Slender Milk --mmmm; also great in blended shakes

Low-carb cereals -- ie "Hi/Low" at d'Agostino; and other hot cereals from "Keto", seem to have to order online

Various low-carb puddings and shakes from Atkins, et al

"Men's Bread" -- delicious, found in the frozen bread section of Whole Foods, Time/Warner bldg; 5g carbs/ slice, loaded w/ seeds and tasty flavor

Peanut butter

Sugar & calorie-free jam, by Walden Farms

Maple syrup, very low calorie by Vermont ?? Many brands available)

Danon Low-Carb yogurt -- just 5g per tiny little tub, but satisfies the craving

Hot sauce -- Chololo is my fave

Eggs -- have 2-3 egg whites and half an egg yolk for flavor and color for brkfst lunch or dinner

Veggie burgers -- the low carb ones, 2g or less


Low-carb pasta sold by Atkins, a Japanes brand in the refrigerated-end of Whole Foods, d'Agostino, etc

A fish fillet or two in the freezer; and a filet of beef, and a chix breast

Deli, from-the-bone turkey; ham; salami/ prosciutto to garnish salads, veggie sandwiches on low-carb bread

Fresh herbs

Whole Foods' low-fat dill sauce, sold in the fish dept -- incredible

Chix, veg, beef stock for an impromptu soup

Radishes, cukes, mesclum, a few grape tomatoes (need the occasional fruit -- and great in sandwiches!), asparagus, broc, caul, bell peppers, sprouts, most veggies except those in the potato family.....

Looking for other recs, as my metabolic system simply goes wild with carbs, with ever-increasing desires for more and more, and an ever-increasing waistline!!!

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  1. Frozen vegetables (so there's never an excuse not to)

    In the delicious/acceptable-in-modest-amounts-carb dept:
    Whole grain rice
    Akmak crackers
    Trader Joe's little rye crackers (forget the name)
    Small whole-wheat pitas
    Whole-wheat tortillas

    1. where did you find lo carb veggie burgers? what brand? i can't seem to find any that low.

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      1. re: toncasmo

        I believe the Boca Burgers are 2g carbs

        Other items:

        Tofu, tempeh, Japanese noodles in same refrigerated section of Whole Foods, Time Warner

        White tuna, dolphin safe

        Sandinavia Bran Crackers -- Whole Foods; 0g net carb --pure fiber and tasty! esp with

        Phil Fat-free cream cheese -- 1g and lox and capers

        Walden Farms' honey mustard dressing (to mix into a vinaigrette) and bbq sauce -- entire line has 0 cals and carbs!

        Freshly brewed iced green tea and pitcher of water with orange twists in fridge, or cucumber!

        H-boiled eggs

        Tofu-based mayo

        Mori-Nu Lite silken extra-firm tofu (shelf-stable) -- 1g

        Pumpkin and sunflower seeds; soy nuts

        Pomi chopped tomatoes -- shelf stable; 1g

        (Many more....)

      2. For soymilk Westsoy unsweetened soymilk in vanilla is really delicious and very low in carbs. Another yogurt option is Total yogurt, most of the carbs get strained away - I usually flavor with jam but you could add something splenda based. Some great snack foods are shrimp cocktail (keep a bag of frozen cooked shrimp in the freezer), turkey jerky, and trader joe's dry roast edamame (totally different & superior from ordinary soy nuts).

        1. I don't get the part about low-fat yogurt or the low-fat dill sauce. Typically, full fat versions of these items are lower in carbs, n'est pas?

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            1. re: Bob Brooks

              Yes. But sometimes there is a small difference in carbs (ie an extra 1-2g perhaps) and a significant savings in calories (ie 100 cals v 25 cals), fat, saturated fat, etc.

              Low in fat and carbs and calories:
              Cream cheese -- fat free
              Cottage cheese -- 0-1%
              Sour cream -- f/f or reduced fat
              Yogurt -- only seen Atkins and Danon with the 5g ones
              Cheeses such as Laughing Cow vs full 100% fat ones -- I eat both, though full fat just in small quantities

              1. re: Bob Brooks

                One note on yogurt - there's an excellent article somewhere ( - I'm almost positive) on why regular plain yogurt is a naturally low-carb food, food labeling be damned. It has to do with the yogurt cultures feeding off of the milk sugars. So while I love low-carb flavored yogurt (blue bunny makes them in our area and I'm all but addicted to the vanilla creme) I treat plain yogurt as an almost "free" food for sauces and such.

              2. Soy Flour - I use it to thicken sauces & to flour chicken cutlets etc. I find I don't mind it when I'm cooking something that will have a strong flavored sauce. Have also used it to make souffles and pate a choux dough.