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Aug 15, 2005 03:08 PM

I got fed up & asked for my money back & finally got satisfaction

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I often hear the expression on these boards to 'walk with your feet' when not happy with service. Well, I finally did that today and got some satisfaction so I was wondering if Hounds had stories to share as well. Here's what happened to me.

I was at a gourmet take-out/sitdown deli and the special was French meat loaf, mashed potatoes and grilled vegies. I asked the counterman if he would substitute the potatoes and give me something green instead. First he said no but he could see I wasn't interested in other dishes. Then he said how about creamed spinach with the meat loaf special. I said fine. When the heated plate came out it contained meat loaf, creamed spinach and a huge mounded of mashed potatoes. I asked him where the grilled vegies were. He said 'the law was everybody gets potatoes.' His attitude just ticked me off. I'd already paid the cashier and asked for my money back twice much to the first counterman's surprise who thought I'd just take the plate quietly.

The cashier also turned out to be one of the managers. He took the plate and emptied the potatoes and piled some vegies in the plate, warmed it up and gave me meat loaf, grilled vegies and creamed spinach about one minute later. Ta dah! That's how easy it was to turn around a bad customer service situation.

The original counterman apologized and said he didn't understand. I just waved it off but sometimes it really does work to walk with your feet.

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  1. The real question here is: What makes meat loaf "French"?

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    1. re: Rico Pan

      French Bread in the mix instead of Dorritos.

      1. re: Rico Pan

        I also remember reading somewhere that meat loaf originated from French pate but there's so many variations of meat loaf but it's basically pure comfort food.

        Gee, I hope this thread doesn't morph into French vs. American meat loaf because then it belongs in Home Cooking.

        Hounds, could we stay on topic???? Thanks,

        1. re: Flynn

          OK...what is the topic?

          You asked for no potatoes, you got potatoes, you said you wanted your money back, they got rid of the potatoes. Gotcha.

          So what do you want people to discuss?

          1. re: Rico Pan

            "so I was wondering if Hounds had stories to share as well."

            1. re: Flynn

              OK, then...

              #1 - When you start doing substitutions, you change the entire concept of a "special".
              #2 - Meatloaf should be made at home.
              #3 - Meatloaf should be enjoyed with mashed potatos.

              Peace, out!

            2. re: Rico Pan

              When it's made with beef tongue?

            3. Only expression: it's the crying baby that get's the milk! :)

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              1. re: Jack

                "It's the squeaky hinge that gets the oil." Or gets replaced.

              2. Good for you, Flynn. I think the posters below weren't quite getting the gist of your message, but the point is that you CAN open your mouth and get what you want. I, for one, am tired of the "Sorry, no substitutions" crap. I'm paying and I'd like to eat what I want from your steam table, please, not what you think I should have.

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                1. re: Deenso

                  That's faulty logic.

                  Items are the "daily special" for a reason.

                  Not so you can create your own "special".

                  1. re: MidtownCoog

                    Faulty logic? Sounds like an oxymoron to me.

                    If you're content with whatever the daily special is, then so be it. Eat it and enjoy it.

                    My point was that the counterman said he would substitute creamed spinach for mashed potatoes. It's not like I was asking for something fancy as a substitute and he had already agreed. He turned into a smartass instead when he presented the plate of creamed spinach with mashed potatoes. He thought he was being pretty cute so that's when I asked for my money back.

                    1. re: Flynn

                      I'm thinking someone here used to be a counterman himself?!

                  2. re: Deenso

                    Right, Deenso, the squeaky wheel gets the oil.

                    I think the other posters 'got' the gist of the message but they're basically what my mother-in-law used to call 'kibbitzers' a/k/a needlers.

                  3. Excuse me, but I can't stop wondering... What else, aside from feet, is there to walk 'with'?

                    I suppose legs, to which feet are attached... but it still seems like an odd maxim.

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                    1. re: Sir Gawain

                      I think it is supposed to be "VOTE with your feet".

                      1. re: dave g

                        I thought it was "vote with my wallet". as in money talks...

                        1. re: Tracy L.

                          i love this board but it seems that lately it is attracting far too many pedantic/instructive/ 'one ups man'-like people. They tend to move conversations over to who used the right phrase; the proper name of the neighborhood where a restaurant is located, and the accompanying historic zoning laws; spelling, historical references etc. Keep to the chow folks and 'live and let live'!!

                          It seems that every time this board gets mentioned in press its users are refwrred to as 'nerd' or 'geeks' and I can certainly see why.

                          1. re: cendant

                            Thank you for making this point.

                            And it doesn't really add anything to the topic which I know plenty of people on these boards have previously written about.

                            1. re: Flynn

                              What seems far more annoying to me (and I know I'm not alone) is the recent tendency to start threads like "some people have no manners" or "this server was so rude to me, let's hear your own rude server story", or "can you believe the outrage of what some people dare to do with their food", followed by a request for affirmation/sympathy. When the topic is this boring, any diversion is welcome, especially since the language in which these posts are written is often far more interesting than their substance.

                              1. re: Sir Gawain

                                Don't know if I agree - when a topic is boring on these boards, people just don't reply and it moves down the threads and disappears. Newer topics then appear on the top hierarchy. That's how the Chowhound software works. Why would anyone reply to boring topics anyway?

                    2. Sorry, Jack, but the apt phrase isn't "It's the crying baby that gets the milk."

                      If memory serves, the correct expression was Flynn's own, which I believe was: "The squeaky Chowhound usually gets the gravy."

                      Yes, I've had similar experiences, but nothing so dramatic as to qualify as a story. I think, though, it's not just a matter of using your feet, whether to walk or to vote. The point is that you were using your mouth - clearly asking beforehand, and clearly objecting afterward. Leaving isn't that effective without speaking up. I think that if a place has 10% fewer customers, they'll probably blame it on the economy, or on new competition in the neighborhood. But if 10% of the customers complain to the manager, there's a better chance that the lesson might be learned.

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                      1. re: Fida

                        "But if 10% of the customers complain to the manager, there's a better chance that the lesson might be learned"

                        Fida, I love ya! Excellent points.