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Aug 15, 2005 09:21 AM

Sous vide

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Anyone else read this article in the New York Times Magazine? Anyone tasted the cuisine mentioned? The idea of doing all this controlled boiling in the kitchen is a bit disconcerting at first blush.


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  1. There is a long thread on sous vide in In fact I just bought, on eBay, an immersion circulation water bath that will maintain temperatures at +/- 1 degree C. Can't wait to try it.

    1. I did read the article, but haven't tasted any of the items mentioned. . . reminded me of those boil-in-bag veggies my mom used to buy years ago, though I hope these are better. Is this just another culinary fad??

      1. This looks like the same topic covered by Chino Wayne on 8/14 on a Home Cooking thread. Interesting subject but give me a cheap Webber and some charcoal anytime!!

        1. i've had pork belly sous vide that was then seared fat side down before it was served. heavenly....

          1. For you Iron Chef (Japanese version) there was a chef about a year ago who specializes in this technique. While he didn't win, the food he made looked great and was well received.

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              One of the challengers for Iron Chef America this season did a sous vide prep for the secret ingredient of chicken. I forget who he was, but he was up against Flay. I'm sure they have that info on the FoodTV website.

              It was the first time I had really heard of this technique and watched it in action. I think he put some chicken pieces in w/ some aromatic veggies into his cryovac and essentially boiled stove top. The dish looked simply elegant and infused w/ flavor when presented, and the judges seemed to dig it.