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Aug 15, 2005 12:48 AM

Sea Salt

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Anyone know of a brand of sea salt, and where I could purchase it, that is very finely ground so as to flow easily from a standard salt shaker?

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  1. Redmond Real Salt (link below).

    It comes in a handy plastic bag with a screw-cap closure.

    It's a fine grind, and it cakes a little bit. It seems to have a better taste than plain salt, but maybe that's my imagination.

    Kosher salt, from Utah! I think I got it at the Berkeley Bowl.

    I guess in this case the "sea" is a dried up undergound sea.


    1. Hi Niki, please repost your question on our General Topics board, where non-region specific queries about food are discussed.

      1. It is the size and shape of the crystals that make sea salt so special "tasting." Research has shown that if you grind it into a smaller size you lose the "taste" / mouthfeel and it is almost indiscernable from regular table salt.

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          That certainly is not true of the Celtic sea salt we got a few days ago. Made fine in the grinder, no diff. But, it still wouldn't pour from a regular salt shaker. Use it by fingerfuls like Michael Chiarelli does with his grey salt.