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Aug 15, 2005 12:34 AM

Polk Gulch (SF) Vintage Crockery Shop?

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There used to be two vintage stores on a cross street east of Polk. They sold depression glass, Hall, Bauer, etc. old kitchen, dining and serveware - both ceramic, pottery and glass. I'm not looking for rare art pottery but rather vintage homey stuff. Not Cookin' on Divisadero. These were definitely in the Polk Gulch area. I broke my favorite salad bowl today - heavy 1920's chartreuse glass and it made me think about browsing for some nice old kitchen crockery: vintage pasta/salad/large soup/small mixing sized bowls and cake/sandwich plates - glass or ceramic (not fine china). Also looking for bakelite flatware. Any suggestions for other shops in SF would be welcome.

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  1. Naomi's is right on Polk. Lots of inventory, pricey.

    Naomi's Antiques To Go
    (415) 775-1207
    1817 Polk St
    San Francisco, CA 94109

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      Thanks! I see your expertise is by no means limited to food. You're right about these vintage places being pricey - and if bargains existed for this stuff, I wouldn't expect you to tell me where they were ;). I feel like a little splurge to make up for smashing my beloved chartreuse glass bowl. I recently saw that Bauer reproductions are available online and they're beautiful - $80 for that sexy Aladdin tea pot (also at Flax), and I love the coffee pot (not that I NEED either).

    2. Online is the best bet. I wouldn't even bother with Naomi's, which seems to function more like a museum, since the owner?/shopkeeper is VERY unfriendly and seems to discourage any browsing or, it seems, buying! Have been there several times in earnest to buy and was so put off by the vibe that I left and ordered online. Ebay is good resource and there are several others Replacements China (I think that's the name) is another online site.