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Aug 14, 2005 03:14 PM

food "thermos"

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i want to get a thermos for bringing hot food with me on my commute. what brands do you like? i am in new york city and prefer to buy this kind of thing at Zabars generally, but i am open to other stores too. i was also thinking of trying edison, new jersey or jackson heights because indian stores often have cool (although not always very functional) stuff for transporting food. most importantly, i want the interior to be a non-reactive type of metal. i really like that canadian brand ... sorry, the name escapes me at the moment. i do not own anything of theirs however. please share your experiences, it would be appreciated.

thanks in advance!

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  1. Japanese-made Zojirushi products are nicely made and very handy. Their line includes thermos-type flasks for liquids as well as wide-mouth models and insulated food containers. Shops carrying Japanese/Korean foods and housewares usually carry Zojirushi products.

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      I love this wide mouth Zojirushi thermos. It keeps food very hot and can hold soup/other liquids with no leakage what so ever. I searched for a long time for a thermos which does not have a plastic interior because for 1) I think plastic gives off a funny taste to thermos food and 2) I am concerned about really hot food melting some of the plastic coating (similar to microwaving in plastic containers, which is a no no). This thermos is really well it! Here is one from Amazon.

      Enjoy, Margret


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        I do not have the Zojirushi thermos, but have been using the Zojirushi bread maker for more than 7 years, and it is still going strong. I do not bake my bread in the machine, only use it for making dough, but still, it is a workhorse. YOu may pay a little more for this brand, but it is well worth it, IMO

      2. I'm about to buy this one for taking food with me to college...


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          I second the Nissan thermos products. I've seen a good selection of them also in Chinese import kitchenware shops in the San Francisco area (if you have something similar in your area). I think I found the best prices however at

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            I just bought that one and I love it. Now all I need is a microwave to warm up the food. I kinda forgot about that part.

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              You mean they don't keep food warm?

          2. If the Canadian brand you're talking about is "Trudeau" I think I will have to say it's inferior to Nissan by far. If it's stainless steel, I'd go with Nissan.

            Zabar's mezzanine has lots of options to choose from. I saw the one Wendy8869 said she's buying for bringing lunch in College at Zabar. It is really charming and well put together. If I weren't buying other Nissan products (the leak proof bottles, which is amazing!) I would have bought this Nissan lunch box.