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Aug 13, 2005 05:36 PM

Pet Peeve: when upscale delis give you cold cuts from the "butt end".

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I stopped by a small gourmet shop here in NYC on my way home today, it's on 2nd Ave. near 31st Street, and decided to get some cold cuts. After giving my order I noticed the counterman was using the small butt-ends to fill my order. It was awfully hot today and I decided not to say anything, but on the way home I realized they do it all the time.So my question is: do you think they should realize the quality of the butt-ends is inferior and find another use for them (give to employees, donate to a food kitchen, etc.) and only give the customer slices that reflect good quality? I did have an argument once with a deli guy in another store who said it was the "store's policy". I wonder if they just don't want to bother unwrapping another package? Wouldn't it make sense to have a backup ham, for example, already opened and wrapped in plastic. God knows it's usually the ham that runs out first.Thanks for listening. :)

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  1. It's a chickensh#t practice that drives away clientele and raises doubts about how other perishables are handled. My take is that the meat in question is the oldest part of the whole, so why not ditch it or feed it to staff but at least give me the right of refusal. Assuming what you need is available elsewhere, vote with your feet and $ and shop elsewhere.

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      Princess Bakesalot

      Even my local Shaw's packs them separately and discounts them. I'd expect no less from a high priced deli!

    2. They have a right to try to sell the butt end to people who are willing to buy it. If you did, you are, no harm, no foul. It's up to the customer to decide whether the buy the product.

      Not everyone is willing to pay more to avoid getting the occasional butt end; and you would have to pay more if the deli were to cease its current practice. Also, not using the butt ends is wasteful ultimately.

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        Not if you make "antipasta" salad with them, as most places here in NY do. We NEVER used the last couple of inches, we ASSUMED people would be grossed out. The salad probably went for the same price as the meat anyway, and you had the extra weight of the dressing.

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          I said essentially the same thing but my post got deleted. Maybe my language was too emphatic, or maybe suggesting that one readjust their demandfs a bit lower is "non-chowish."