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Aug 10, 2005 04:37 PM

Interesting transitional exit

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How to become a food writer

She's been a pretty good writer for a local alternative freebie newspaper. "Pretty good" because she hasn't had much to work with on the local good eats scene (IMO) and look where it's seems to have gotten her.


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  1. "Bite Me" is a blatant ripoff of the title of a longtime column by the late lamented Marnye Oppenheim (Los Angeles Reader, among other publications).

    1. She says how much she loves writing. I don't see her saying how much she loves food. Food seems just like a way to get paid for writing. Had she sent in a sports column, her life would be just as satisfying.

      Maybe that's why she was a good read in a food deprived town. Maybe that's why we get all those flowery reviews that are more about prose than chow.

      The best food writers I know get to the point and have a passion for food and not journalism.

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        Ms. Covrett doesn't say how much she likes food because the article is not about food, it's about writing about food.

        Read her archived articles, and you'll see she has plenty to say about food.