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Jul 28, 2005 01:12 PM

Fridge sweating inside, back dripping, freezer ok.

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Before I can a tech, hope someone can offer a suggestion. Our refrigerator, is sweating inside heavily on the back wall, all the water keeps dripping into the produce bin. The freezer which opens sep. on top, is fine. Any idea how to stop this from happening. The fridge is turned up to the coldest temp.

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  1. Bad door seal or door propped open by contents? It doesn't take much to let in humid air which quickly condenses.Try cranking the fridge temp down a bit. You might also check, depending on your model's vintage, whether there's any sort of drainage system that's bunged up.

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      Dutch Dumplin

      Depending on what make and model refrigerator you have, it could be 1 of 2 things. First the drain is clogged and the defrost water is not going into the pan. Check to see that the drain is clear. If the drain is open, the door gasket is not sealing properly and the air is going to the back of the refrig and condensing. The back part is the coldest part.

      1. Try sliding a sheet of paper under the door gasket. If you can fit it under the gasket, anyplace along the seal,you might have found the problem.

        1. If it's a frost-free freezer, it's almost certainly the drain between the freezer and the drip pan at the bottom. You can fix it yourself by taking everything out of the freezer, removing the covering over the freezer bottom (usually a couple of nuts have to be removed), then pouring hot water down the drain until the obstruction is cleared. A service person can install a heating element down into that drain to prevent the problem from recurring.