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Jul 24, 2005 07:33 PM

Keeping Berries fresh ????

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I'm always buying berries, all kinds. Blue, Black, strawberries and rasberries. I really don't know how to store them. They seem to go bad in a couple of days. They get mushy and start to grow mold...mostly the rasberries.
What should I do?

I currently wash them under cold water and put them in a glass bowl in the fridge. Seems ok to me but maybe there is a better way. Please let me know.
I just spent 12 bucks on berries at the farmers market and I'd like for them to keep longer than 2 days if possible.

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  1. This type of question, usually belongs on the General Topics board. So when and if you repost there, I'll repeat this reply. I put the link to that board below for you.

    Never wash berries until you are ready to use them. I keep most berries over a week by lining a tupperware container with paper towels, selecting berries that are not bruised and covering with another paper towel before putting the Tupperware lid on. Store in fridge. There was a thread about this last year and something about a glass jar, but I'm blanking on that info now since the paper towel thing works for me.