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Jul 20, 2005 04:14 PM

Gastric Bypass

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I had gastric bypass and I like to eat out. I like the Japanese steakhouses (when they cook in front of you) I wonder if it would make me look cheap if my GF and I shared a plate. Has anyone had any problems getting a smaller portion, or sharing a dish?

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  1. do they allow that? isn't it a certain price per adult deal? That is how they make their money, regardless of how much you can, do, want to or should eat. You can't expect them to change it for you, unfortunately. Then you'll get into all sorts of things, 'well I am on a diet." 'well, I am just not that hungry' 'well I am gluten intolerant.' etc.

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      Restaurants should also realize that there are many type of people out there and should cater to them. Not all people want to eat a full dinner.

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        Then you don't go to a one price place. There are places that are buffets. There are places that are AYCE. There are a la carte places too. Restaurateurs, like diners, have choices in how they structure their businesses/meals.

        When I am on a diet I don't go to AYCE buffet and explain to them I can only eat certain things and should be charged accordingly. I go someplace else.

        What is this sense of entitlement? It's the private sector here.

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          Tapas might be a good idea here...

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            No one mention a buffet.

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              good point ccc

              if you like restaurants original poster, you might want to go where you can order an appetizer or other small plate appropriate to your needs. Although if it's anything like the guy I worked with that had the operation, you'll be staying away from more than a bite for a very long time.

        2. Sure, as long as you tell the wait person BEFORE you order that you're going to tip them 100% on the bill.

          When I'm in a restaurant with a demanding group (split checks, convoluted ordering, special needs, etc.), I always tell the wait person that we're going to over tip them (30% or more). We know we're a pain in the ass to wait on so they deserve to be tipped accordingly. I think your situation fits in this category.

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            Duodenal Switch

            When I initially had the above gastric bypass procedure..(it differs from the standard RouxnY by allowing one a standard but reduced stomach ie. more than 2 ounces, but has a non absorptive aspect {my weight hasn't deviated much in the 4 years since the surgery} but until my stomach stretched to the size of a "normal person"...allowing me to eat normal meals (appetizer, entree, dessert), I definitely had a reduced need for I discovered the words "I'll take the rest home with me"!!! I Never was able, or had to say this before...but in those months of major weight loss it came in handy..AND I had an extra lunch waiting for me!....
            So...I would get my own plate at the restaurant.....avoid the embarassment...and enjoy the incredible new you emerging...and "Take Out".

            I wish an easy healing for surgery was all done laproscopically, so minimal scaring and pain.....and the weight flew off...I am now half the weight I was.....I don't think you will ever regret your decision!

            1. I'm eleven weeks out from RNY surgery, and have eaten out quite a bit. The surgeon may have re-routed my digestive system, but he left my tastebuds intact! You don't have to seek out special treatment by restaurants, just order judiciously...

              Option 1: Share the entree. Call ahead for the restaurant's policy on shared plates or ask the manager before you order - some don't care, others charge a fee. I don't do this, but that's because I usually dine with my husband and we have very different food preferences.

              Option 2: Plan for leftovers. Order a normal-sized entree and take home what you can't finish. Stick with foods that will re-heat well. Alternative: if you want something that won't re-heat well, order it anyway and leave what you can't finish. We are no longer members of the Clean Plate Club, and it's not a sin!

              Option 3: Order an appetizer as your entree. It's just the right size.

              Option 4: Look for places that encourage the table to order multiple small plates instead of the usual one entree per person. This is great because you get variety - it's like a mini-buffet! (think tapas)

              If you don't know your sugar tolerance yet, be careful - you don't want to experience dumping for the first time at a restaurant! Ask about the marinades and sauces beforehand. Japanese cuisine can be pretty sugary, so order cautiously.

              When I only order an appetizer or some soup, we compensate by tipping about 30%.

              1. If they have line-ups, and/or limited seating at the grill tables, I do agree you should each order at least a main and get a doggy bag for leftovers. You are taking up the space of two customers. Other options would be to go at an off-time, or choose restaurants with less demand on their seats.