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Jul 19, 2005 05:24 PM


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Jacques Pepin was just interviewed on a news show. He said he turned down an offer to cook for President Kennedy to instead work a decade at Howard Johnson's. He said it helped him learn the American palate.

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  1. Well, he wasn't exactly a fry cook...see linked bio. Still the populist chef I most admire.


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    1. re: Shep

      I do enjoy his shows. Sometimes the vibes between his daughter Claudine and him seem weird.

      But you gotta love a guy who so obviously loves and respects his wife.

      1. re: semmel

        yeah I agree about the vibe between him and his daughter. my sense was that they were never close and this show was his attempt at trying to form a bond/relationship between them.

        1. re: wurstle

          But she's so inept that he just seems to get frustrated with her. I've seen him rip the whisk/knife/etc. of her hand with an exasperated sigh and an "I'll do that, you go stir the stock" on more than a few occasions!

          1. re: mtyf

            I don't think I'm imagining this but the first season of his show featuring his daughter was quite hard to watch....she used to cast him these sideways glances that spoke volumes. And yes, she was not real smooth in the kitchen. Their chemistry seems much improved these days. I'm glad for him ... he's definitely one of the better on air chefs.

            1. re: Gordon Wing

              Eventually he just seemd to let her 'shine' on the topic of wine. deferred to her to suggest pairings, which, IMO, weren't all that insightful. We all know Papa probably knows much more about wines than she does.

              1. re: chowgal

                a pal told me that she is a wine representative. And under 5 feet. Found her very pleasant.

    2. I highly recommend reading his book "the Apprentice" (I believe it is called. Very well written and interesting. Talks all about this experience and others.