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Jul 18, 2005 03:34 PM

Iron Chef America Hamburger Battle (spoiler) Cora versus Kerry Simon

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Anyone catch this? I found it very odd that they all of a sudden started judging the contest with a decimal point system and Simon beat Cora by .1 of a point!

Is the fix in?

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    withalonge (fka megan)

    I caught the last half... interesting. but I agree... I much prefer the japanese version style of judging. I think the focus of the judgement should be primarily on the quality and creativity... OF THE FOOD!, and that plating design, etc. should be a factor, but not enough to swing the whole score.

    though I did think Simon won fairly... as much as I wished to have been one of the judges, his dishes seemed a bit broader and spanned a wide range of ways to treat "burger"

    1. Yeah, I caught the last 30 min. of the program. I was thrown for a loop w/ that decimal point rating system as well. Really odd and unnecessary. I was confused when the (still annoying) chairman said the outcome was an "unprecedented" win by 1/10 of a point. Well of course it's unprecedented...they've never employed this rating system before!

      What makes it more unexpected is that the premiere episode for season 2 last week (Todd English vs. Batali) didn't use the decimal system. I know they run shows in a different order from their taping, so I wouldn't be surprised if the successive shows are a mix of the old and new.

      I'm glad that Simon won though. His dishes looked more refined, focused, and better executed to me. Some of Cora's stuff looked tasty and I liked how she brought alot of her personal background and experiences into the food; however, Simon's stuff just looked more intriguing to me. Martin Yan gave me a few laughs too...

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      1. re: Carb Lover

        I must say, I do like their first two theme ingredients. The Pizza Dough and Hamburger.

        I'm glad Simon won...Cora's dishes didn't seem as creative as your typical iron chef-fare would be IMO, although it does seem the judges liked the tastes of the dishes.

        I like the kinks they're working out...even more, I like how the "chairman" is more outrageously intense...almost he did a spin jump back up the stairs after revealing the secret ingredient.

        1. re: Xericx

          Oh, sorry to hear that I missed the acrobatics! Well, Kevin Brauch doesn't annoy me so much anymore, so there's hope for the chairman.

          I have liked the "secret" ingredients so far too. Pizza dough combined w/ Mario Batali; doesn't get much better than that!

        2. re: Carb Lover

          I liked this one; Have to admit though, my favorite part of the show was picturing Bill Murray as a pizza chef...

        3. Anything and everything on FoodTV is designed to sell product. You will not find any Pulitzer or Nobel prize winners writing these shows. I firmly believe there is a lot going on behind the scenes of Iron Chef America that we don't know about, but which the producers deem necessary for the entertainment/marketing value of their show.

          Having said that, I still find it interesting to see what dishes the chefs come up with, and envy the judges for their opportunity to taste it all.

          1. I've been avoiding reading this thread until I had a chance to watch it (I had to tape it). I was surprisied by the decimal points also.

            As they were presenting their dishes to the judges, I said out loud that this was going to be extremely close, and I was right.

            Is it possible that they went to decimal points for this battle and not the previous one BECAUSE it was so close? I assume that it would have been tied otherwise, and I have noticed that the rules dont seem to call for additional time/dishes in the event of a tie, as in the Japanese version.

            Completely aside, does anyone else take some perverse glee in imagining what would happen if Gordon Ramsay were to appear as a challenger?

            1. Simon deserved to win by a lot more than .1. His dishes were inspired originals while Cora's were remembered ripoffs from her youth. I'm hot to go to Vegas now and check out Kerry Simon's restaurant. On the other hand, crud like Cora's can be found at any strip mall.