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Jul 14, 2005 01:42 PM

Winner of PBS Cooking under Fire

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Any thoughts on the outcome? The winner was declared last night (on PBS in NYC at least) The final meals that each woman cooked seemed fabulous and quite original as well as 'culinarily' (a word?) sophisticated. The little blonde is only 23! I liked the intensity of the Southern punk who won.

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  1. It's kind of nice that they went with the woman who had the better palate, even though she was slower and didn't make dessert.
    It's too bad that the third woman who was eliminated on the show before couldn't bring herself to proclaim she was "the best."
    There's a moral there for all of us:
    Never be afraid to sing your own praises when justified; and
    if you ever have to do a tasting menu for chefs, don't leave out the dessert, and don't serve sparkling water instead of wine with any of the courses!
    Oh, and always clean the grit off your truffles.

    1. I watched too and pretty much guessed right off the bat that it would be the gal from Kentucky (now from New York). With that said I thought it was a great ending. Originally, I was luke warm at about the show but it grew on me. It was really interesting to see how the finalists had changed over the life of the show. I've been watching Hell's Kithcen too and doubt it will end as nice. It would be great if they had a woman winner too.