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Jul 11, 2005 10:25 PM

Looking for Dish Towels

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I’m running out of dish towels. Last towels I got were from William Somona over five years ago. They were French made and lasted a long time. It’s a pity W.S. only sell awful towels now.

So… I’d be grateful for suggestions as to a good source. My needs are simple just a strong absorbent cotton well made towel. I dry them on the line which is great.

I don’t want what Martha S. has, a dish towel with Tuesday embroidered on it. That's only for underwear. ;-)

Thanks in Advance,

Frank, Southern Conn.

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    1. Have had good luck with C & B, especially their sales.


      1. Go to Sam's Club or Costco and buy a bundle of bar towels. They are cheap, absorbent and work great as dish towels as well as they do at drying glasses in a pub. Lint free also.

        1. I have been using Ritz brand dish towels. They last and last. Sul La Table carries them. I like thier pot holders too.

          1. Towels are on sale at W-S right now. I just got 6 square dish towels for $3. They seem of medium quality, but at that price I'm not too picky.

            Also saw a pack of 12 pretty mediocre towels at Target. You can get them in white or in a multicolor pack. for $5.