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Looking for Dish Towels

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I’m running out of dish towels. Last towels I got were from William Somona over five years ago. They were French made and lasted a long time. It’s a pity W.S. only sell awful towels now.

So… I’d be grateful for suggestions as to a good source. My needs are simple just a strong absorbent cotton well made towel. I dry them on the line which is great.

I don’t want what Martha S. has, a dish towel with Tuesday embroidered on it. That's only for underwear. ;-)

Thanks in Advance,

Frank, Southern Conn.

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    1. Have had good luck with C & B, especially their sales.

      Link: http://www.crateandbarrel.com/search....

      1. Go to Sam's Club or Costco and buy a bundle of bar towels. They are cheap, absorbent and work great as dish towels as well as they do at drying glasses in a pub. Lint free also.

        1. I have been using Ritz brand dish towels. They last and last. Sul La Table carries them. I like thier pot holders too.

          1. Towels are on sale at W-S right now. I just got 6 square dish towels for $3. They seem of medium quality, but at that price I'm not too picky.

            Also saw a pack of 12 pretty mediocre towels at Target. You can get them in white or in a multicolor pack. for $5.

            1. I go to Costco and get their package of 48 towels.

              It runs $12.

              They don't look much more than white cotton cloth, but they are perfect.

              1. I like using hand towels (the type in guest bathrooms) as they're very absorbent, and thick enough to insulate when your potholder or padded kitchen gloves aren't at hand.

                1. s
                  sally from LA

                  Marshalls and TJ Maxx

                  1. I bought some microfiber dish towels at Bed Bath and Beyond and I love them. The only thing that bugs me is when I throw them in the dryer the dryer sheet ends up clinging to them. But other than that, they're pretty cool.

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                      Conceptually I like them, but they have a very unusual texture and I cannot get used to them. They are great for cleaning your car, hold water and soap very well and do not scratch.

                    2. Have been using Crate and Barrel waffle weave for years. Absorbent, lint free and last and last.

                      1. I've given up on dish towels. I use silicon pads for pot holders/ hot stuff and Viva brand paper towels for dealing with wet stuff.

                        1. I was quite anxious to replace some John Ritzenthaler square potholder mitts also known as Ritz. These things really last as do their dish towels. 100% cotton and they just go and go. I found them at kitchencollection.com this afternoon and their price is hard to beat. Amazon has blue and the dishtowels, but I was looking for gerrn. Check them out.

                          1. I get mine at "TJ Maxx" in Manhattan, always at a big discount. I've started a collection and I may need to enter a 12 step program soon if i get anymore. But there's always one more that would just look great with the one i bought last week! :)

                            1. I found some nice old striped linen kitchen towels from iowa on ebay for a pittance a couple of years ago - there are usually listings for linen towels old and new , US and foreign origin, there.

                              Id say a search for linen kitchen towels, or cotton kitchen towels if that is your preference, would bring up more possibilities than you will ever need.

                              Link: http://cgi.ebay.com/3-1940s-UNUSED-CR...

                              1. I just wanted to comment that the days of the week on dish towels was in vogue in my Grandma's day. The days of the week on underwear happened way later (like in the 60s).

                                Dish towels with names of the week came first. The underwear idea came later and was the copy cat.

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                                  I think it was the fifties for the underwear.